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Just a dream...

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Just a dream...

Ash was walking through a dark scary forest at night that's a trail from her friends house.

She kept hearing footsteps behind her,but every time she turned around there was

no one there.She continues walking and jumps as she hears sticks snapping like someone

stepped on them.Ash would walk a bit faster,afraid now,as the sound of the footsteps quickened.

Bushes started rustling,more sticks snapping,and then... a demonic screech like howl burst through the

silent forest.Ash jumped and ran off and hid in a bush that's behind a tree,the sounds kept coming close and closer

and then another screech that was awfully close to her then all the sounds stopped... and in that moment.. there it was,the creature,standing there,with his lifeless eyes,head is the skull of a deer,horns sharp like knives,claws and teeth shine for how sharp they are,It stood on its back legs and started to sniff around.. then,it looks at Ash's direction and charges at her with a demonic screech and then.. darkness..

Ash woke up out of bed,realizing it was all a dream,and realized shes been crying in her sleep.

she breathed heavily and her heart kept beating rapidly and she starts to calm down and telling herself..

"It was just a dream.."

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Hi,this is my first story and I decided to do a scary story,hope ya'll enjoyed it! :D


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