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Just a little thing called Love for you<3


Just a little thing called Love for you<3

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I live for you, walk around everyday at school happy for you looking around me at everyone thinking to myself, if my baby girl was here it'd be the best thing ever. If you were there id hold you cuddle you kiss u and hug you so tightly and never let go. You are the reason i want to live you are the stars, the moonlight. in the night sky you are my shooting star<3. Your the other half of me. The only one that truly can make me happy. I never thought i could truly be happy before i met you. I thought i'd be living hell and back and just fears and darkness. When you came into my life you scared the darkness away and all of the bad. At first i was scared to date anyone even you cause of my shitty past but knowing i chose you. Best choice i ever made. And i will always keep choosing you over and over. My last words to you are going to be 'I love you. I will forever and always so don't ever forget that my dum dum' i'll have tears coming out of my eyes when i die..Cause anytime is too young to die even at 100 if its not with you..if you're around my life is worth living. I am scared to see the future but cant wait to see it with you. You being the one i look up to. You being the one that is my role model the one i think is the cutest and shine brightest of all. The one that is the smartest of all in my mind and world. I don't care if i have to face reality with you cause its a reality i want. I ain't living a fantasy. I know that for sure when i'm with you. I'm glad this ain't no dream. You have made all my dreams come true. You wash my fears and tears away. You scare the demons and darkness away. Feeling like i know i cant make you happy makes me feel worse than ever makes me cry because my goal is to keep you happy. All you deserve is happiness without fear without bad tears. The only tears i want you crying are the good ones. The ones of joy. The feeling of love and happiness. The ones that you'll cry when i propose to you randomly one day. I want everyday to be the best day even if it starts out the worst and seems the worst i want to make it the best day. The day that shines the brightest of all of them. I want to make even the biggest issues and problems seem as minor as can be or nothing to you. Cause you don't deserve anything bad you don't deserve to be mistreated. You deserve love care and kindness and the protection i give you. I try my best to keep you happy defend you and all i can. There is only one you and nothing can replace you. I don't want a replicated you i want you you. The only you there is. I been hurt so many times and my past is filled with darkness and pain but you around makes it feel like nothingness. Cause you make me feel as happy as can be like no other. I feel no pain when your around. They say words hurt more than physical pain. Its true but words also can mean the world. Like your words to me mean. Just one I Love You and a smile from you even on the worst days make my day. You are my queen i am your king. You are my love. You are my life. The one i will love and marry forever and ever. I will give anything up for you even every friend every game everything i own. As long as it means keeping you and staying with you for eternity. I don't care where the world takes us or what happens as long as its with you ill take eternal pain and infinite pain. I will protect you as long as i can. I wont give up. Your worth fighting for living for and dying for. Your worth more than you will ever know and mean to me. No one can make me cry but you. You have made me cry tears of joy before and made me worry so much before that i have cried bad tears but i don't mind cause it was for you. And i was happy as hell after cause of you! I love spending nights and days with you and if i could id spend every moment every second of my life with you not one second away cause your the best person ever. The one that i never get bored of the one that is even fun when silent. The one that is cuter than the rest shines brighter than the rest that sticks out more than the rest. The one i wan't to spend my life with the one i want to die for and next to. I will always wait for you and travel the world i will travel galaxies i will spend a life time searching for you high and low up and down. I will always make sure your higher than the night sky and make sure u shine brighter than all quasars, stars, gamma-ray bursts and anything in this galaxy & universe. You shine brighter than anything in existence. You are the only one that will stick out in a crowd in my eyes. I can't wait for the day i can look up at the midnight sky with you and wrap my arm around you saying 'i'm so lucky to have you'. I can't wait to sit on a bench with a lake in front of us at sunset kissing you. I can't wait for them cold long summers with you and those chilly fall days with you where i can take my sweater off and put it on you and take my coat off and just wrap it around you. I can't wait til the day we meet when i give you my hoodie. It will look so cute on you. It will look stunning on you. I can't wait til on those stormy nights we just cuddle up to each other say i love you and fall asleep. I can't wait til we watch scary movies together late at night under a blanket snuggling up on each other til one of us falls asleep on the others lap or head resting on shoulder. I can't wait til we meet in real life and then i wake you up at midnight only to give you the biggest box of chocolates i can find saying i love you so much babe happy valentines day!. I cant wait til when i can fight for you and be your shield be your armor. When we have a family together and when we live to to 100 so i can say 'we did it' when i can celebrate every anniversary with you. When we have that wedding and i eat some chocolate saying i need to make this kiss a sweet one. Not as sweet as you will ever be. When we can spend those beautiful nights in my truck without a console dividing us. When you can lay your head on me and fall asleep. When i pull the truck over to put a blanket on you so u don't get cold and so i can kiss your forehead saying goodnight my cutie my love my life my everything<3. When i can go into the country with you and ride ATV's and Dirt bikes with you. And drive in the country on dirt roads with my truck with you and get it dirty as hell. When i can. When we can live every bad and good moment together and get through anything together. I will be fine as long as your by my side regardless how many stabs or wounds i get. I don't mind. Its worth it and i will be happy as can be as long as i have you by my side. That is all that matters in my heart and mind. I love you so much and i always will baby girl. Let me spend a lifetime with you..

Let this be a reminder to you i love you and always will love you. let this express some of the love i feel for you out of all of my love. My love is thousands of chapters long. Never ending chapters. The words on these pages wont explain. Only my heart can explain in every way it knows how to but that wont even show close to fully. This is my early valentines me to you. Happy early valentines day and happy valentines day babe<3

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this is dedicated to my true love i will protect forever and always<3


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Just a side comment for my babe. I really hope i can make your smile shine the brightest of all of them.
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Everyday forever and always