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Kidnapped by Mr. Styles

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Kidnapped by Mr. Styles

As Elena lifts her head up, a sharp pain shot through her neck.She lifts her hand up to hold it but failed miserably.Her hands were held behind a cold hard object.Scrunching her eye brows she touches the cold object with her fingers and sighs realizing what it was.

A chair.

She opens her mouth to speak but the only thing that came out was muffled sounds. Was her lips glued shut?

Were they stitched together?

She sticks her tongue out and felt a wet sticky paper.The only thing she could think of was tape.

Why was there tape on her mouth?

Where was she?

Is this a dream?

Was she dead?

Elena had so many questions and desperately wanted answers! A loud whimper escaped her lips and she began to cry.

“Stop crying”

A man with a deep British accent whispers.

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I love making Fanfiction! especially wit Harry Styles! i hope you enjoy readin dem


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