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Liberty in Favour


Liberty in Favour

Chapter 1

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Prolauge Hermiones POV

Memories flood my memory, I dream of him every night why should it be any different tonight. His Black hair and Obsidian eyes, the shining sword glittering in the sun strapped to his back, the tiny black diamond earring in his ear. the black muscle shirt ripped jeans. the leather jacket with chains his deep Voice with an acent I can only guess to be Italian. This is the man who haunts my dreams. I have No name and no idea where he is but I cant help but feel like he would put down his life for me in a second and me him. The torture to love someone that only exists in your dreams.

I slip off to sleep and dream, dream of a man so close but so far, the one man who has ever held my heart.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Nicos Pov­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________________________

I layed down to sleep, and once again she returns to mind. The brown bushy hair and her beautiful chocoalate eyes pierce my soul. Her Red sweater hugging her curves in every right place. The gray skinny jeans like a second skin. Her gold lion necklace and red ruby earings,the book that wont leave her hand until it is replaced with the next. Her smile that appears so often and the tears that sometimes follow. I feel like Im crazy for wanting to follow her where ever she goes, to just hold her in my arms and never let go. I dont know her name nor do I know who she is. That is that is the torture to love someone in your dreams.

The darkness soon surrounds me and I fall asleep trying to hold back the tears of being alone.


I woke up the next morning, having the same dream as before. Still thinking about it when I dressed for the day In the usual. I cant get her face out og my mind. I walked to the throne room of my fathers castle and sat on the floor in the back waiting for him to return. He said he had a mission for me today.


I looked up at the sound and found my father standing in front of his throne.

"Aww! Nico I have been looking for you I have the mission details that we spoke of yesterday?"

"Yes father,"

He handed me three files. Blue, Black, and Grey.

"The first one, the Blue is Thomas Riddle. Your Brother, my son."

I looked at him surprised.

"He is your full brother Nico, Marias son as well. We sent him to an orphanage in hopes it would protect him but it seems it only caused destruction."

I almost felt a tear falling down my cheek and I only had one thing on my mind.

"Younger or Older?"

"He was your younger brother Nico......"

I simply nodded my head.

"The next is the person you are going to gain information on. Harry Potter, He is in the seventh year ar hogwarts. Currently hangs out with people who go by the name of Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley, his Girlfriend is named Ginny Weasley brother of Ronald Weasley. Now you need to find out what he knows about Tom and see if he is in any danger if he is contact me for further instructions understand?"

"Yes Sir"

"The last one the black, is you its your cover story. Who you are, Where youve been now you need to treat that like you bible do you understand me, They must never know about the gods Nico if wizards ever knew we would all be in trouble."

I nodded showing I understood and continued to survey the files.

"and last finally this"

he set a box on my lap

"This is all your school supplies, wand, shrinkable broom, etc. You also have to wear robes but Ill leave that up to you."

I opened the box and took out a white wand with black designs in the shapes of skelaton hands wrapping around it.

"Its made out of bones from the fields of punishment with a core of cerberus hair. Also this might hurt."

"Wait What?"

He pressed his thumb to my forehead and I got a white hot pain coursing through my body. I forced my mouth to remain close and not to scream but God it hurts. After a short while I sat up.


He chuckled like he was from a mad ahtter house and started to explain

" You know have the powers of a great wizard, you also have all the knowledge a wizard a hundred years old might. Not to mention you are know temporarily immortal, like artimas hunters and your powers have been upgraded to godly strength. Now you must not tell anyone of this for if Zeus were to find out he would try to kill us both."

I stood up to my full height now sensing the strength in my bones and the power in my veins.

"Yes Sir!"

"Good Job! Now, we must hurry the feast has already started and you mustr make an entrance now dont you think?"

He asked smiling

"Of course, Goodbye Father."

And I dissappeared in a flash of shadows. Hogwarts here I come!!!!

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