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Logan And Jake Pauls Little Sister

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Logan And Jake Pauls Little Sister

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

May 24,2017

There was once a twelve year old girl named Kimberly(thats me).She was going to Ohio with her parents and her twin brother Alex.They were on the highway when all of a sudden a drunk driver crashes into us and the car caught on fire and my parents died in the car accident and her parents died and her twin brothers body was never found the officers thought that his body burned entirely.I was put in an orphanage. *2 months later*A family finally adopted me,I never thought that a family would adopt me.The family that adopted me was the North family.I had a mom her name was Apryl North,I had a dad his name was Ben North,i also had a brother his name was Brendan North(Brendan left to LA).*Two years later*It was my birthday and i was turning 14 years later.My mom told me that Brendan had bought me a gift before he left,when i opened the box it was an iPhone 7 plus.I was so happy and my mom had made me breakfast,when I finished with breakfast i went to my room and I was login into my social media when i got a FaceTime call and i saw the name and the name said "My Favorite Big brother(Brendan)".I answered and he wished me a happy birthday i said thank you and he said i have to go because i have work to do and he said bye love you with all my heart and i care about you.and he hung up.My mom came in my room and i had tears in my eyes.She sat next to me and she comfort me for a while after I fell asleep.

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