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Love. Love can be many things. There is Fake love, But there is also True love. There is the fakers and the lovers. Fake love. Fakers. Don't last forever and never will. True love will last forever regardless the locations. True love is never ending distant or not. Fake love is just playable. It can take your whole life to find True love but i was a lucky one and found my true love early. True love is the love worth fighting for regardless the age, the distance, the disagreements and agreements. There will always be bad moments and bad times but always the good. True love will fight it all and stick together. Fake love is just one person playing another like a personal toy and leaving. But True love is 50/50 to make 100. 2 hearts in one. True love is never ending and lasts through bad and good. There will always be darkness but the true love will make it unseen with the light shining on it. Love is not played with and is true. Love can make your worst days and darkest nights the bright as can be and the best in seconds. Love can lighten up your whole world and make minutes feel like hours and hours feel like days and days feel like weeks months even years. Love can repair the worst damage no matter how bad, regardless long term or short term. Love has no ending. Love makes you feel like no other, the best there is around if not the only around. Love makes you smile uncontrollably like never before. Love gives their all to you as you do the same to them. Love can be shown and made in many shapes and forms. My true love shines brightest of all in the world in my eyes. In my eyes my love is the only one i want. Love keeps choosing you regardless others or not. Love is your everything and the one for you. Love is the most adorable bundle of cuteness around. The one you wanna hold, Kiss, Cuddle, and Marry and spend your life time with regardless the distance regardless the challenges we face.

Love fights the challenges together and spends the best moments together forever and always. Love fights for each other. And when one is down the other rises up and raises the other up. When both are down same thing. One rises up and raises the other up regardless how hard it is or how much work and effort it takes. Love does anything for one another. Love can be stupid,sweet,kind,loving and caring and so much more. Love is the most powerful thing ever and always will be the best. My love will be the best one ever around in my eyes. Makes up for every other person in the world and more. My love populates my whole world making no room for anyone else. Shes the only one i want in my world populated.I will always choose my love over anything and anyone else. I'd pass up a job or even the biggest experience in my life for her. Cause nothing can replace her. There's only one of my love and i wanna keep her for an infinite amount of time. I may be protective and bossy but its all just because i care and my love can handle it. Shows a lot of true deep love and makes me happier than ever. My love makes me smile beyond how much i ever knew i could smile. Love fixes me even if i am beyond repair. My love can fix me up to happy as can be regardless how broke i get. My love is the only person that can make me happy and smile to my max. Words cant explain how much my love means to me and how much i love her because of how much it is. Yeah it explains a lot but only 0.00000000000000000000000000000000% of how i feel. My love does everything with me and makes every second of my life the best and count. I enjoy life cause of my love. Oh wait my love is my life too

She makes my life complete and the best life i could ever ask for. Shes all i want and need in my life. If i had to choose anything and anyone i ever wanted in the world worth money but my true love or be homeless for the rest of my life but have my true love. For sure i'd choose my true love. She means that much to me. True love can travel far distance regardless how far away. My love choosing me was the best thing to ever happen and the best choice i ever made was letting her be a part of my everyday life. I have no regrets and i never will have any regrets. There are millions maybe even billions of other girls in there. But the only one i want and need is right in front of me as i type this story. Her smile. Yeah that means a lot to me and shows me her true happiness when its big. It makes me uncontrollably smile and brightens up my world to the brightest can be. Brighter than the sun. She is the one i will always want and need only i don't care what challenges i have to face. Anything as long as its with her. I'll be her knight in shining armor. Her shield. I'll dodge infinite bullets for her. I will sacrifice myself and take infinite pain for her. The fears will never get to me as long as shes around nothing will. The light she shines on me fears the fears. She makes me crazy and wild and shes hella cute!!! With all the things she does small and big.

Even just a certain position or a small smile and the way she looks at me. Its deadly from cuteness overload. She means living to me and if i have to give anything up regardless what it is. So be it i will. And babe i know i can be bossy and protective..I'm really sorry if it ever goes overboard its just from my love and care for you since i always will love you endlessly. I will stop loving u when a fake rose dies. (A fake rose cant die. its fake.). Your the other half to all of my halves babe. You are the other half of my heart. You fill it up to have no more room for another. It isn't empty anymore and i don't think it will be for a while if ever again. I know i may be a little much i know i may be stupid and dumb too but its for you to make you happy and see your smile if you cry i literally cry cause of the feeling of not being able to help you if i don't help you. I do all i can in my power to keep chu happy babe always am and will. I will travel to the ends of earth to find you meet you one day and break that distance regardless how hard it is regardless the challenges. I love you so much more than i can ever explain.

Your singing is music to my ears. Your singing is the best singing around better than any song i will listen to. If i chose a voice to repeat in my head 24/7 it'd be yours gladly and id enjoy it. Its how much i love your voice and singing. You are cuteness overload for me sometimes with how cute and adorable you can be. And you'll always be sweeter than sugar. You'll always be mine and i'll always be yours. I'll travel oceans to find you and keep you safe and happy if i have to. I'll do anything as long as it means having the right to call you mine and keeping you as my babe, My girlfriend, My wife. You are what i want and need. Nothing else,no one else will ever be what i need and will ever be able to cure me or make me happy like you do. Only you give me that one feeling that even i never knew i could have. You actually make me cry tears of joy even sometimes and i rarely cry. That honestly shows a lot right there. I'll never give up on you and i promise that to you. I am the happiest man in the world to be able to call you mine. And you will be able to call me yours. Forever and always. Love can be the first but always will be the last. I dedicate this to my true love. I love you infinitely to the moon and back around the galaxy and back and this is for you.

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this was written by someone else, but it was so cute i had to post it for them!


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