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Love in a Dream of a Journey


Love in a Dream of a Journey

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Grace was having a journey.

It was a long one but all Grace had with her was one suitcase. Inside are all her possessions.

She was riding a train to her destination, an end that seem to elude her. Grace did not know where she was going only that she is going, that's how her dream worked. People filed in and soon, the train lurched to life.

She suddenly felt so sleepy and so she slept. While she’s sound asleep, she didn’t notice she was leaning on the man beside her that she didn’t know.

Philip, confused and probably a little bit mad patiently understood the girl who suddenly felt comfortable with his shoulder. He thought, well this is just a dream so where's the harm? He was not one who would question his dreams anyway. He let her lean and lean until he had become used of her weight on his shoulder. He didn’t even mind anymore that it was a stranger.

She’s a stranger and so is he.

After a while, Grace woke up groggy. She learned she was leaning on a man she did not know, probably even drooling and she was so ashamed of it, of herself. To avoid more awkwardness she scooted further away from the guy and decided to move on the opposite seat.

Philip who did not notice her stirring, abruptly felt something was gone, his shoulder light… she was far away from him and he realized he has grown used to her that he felt as though a part of him was stolen. He was missing her.

Still sleepy though, the girl tried to fall back to sleep uncomfortably. Half awake, he had surprised her by taking her head and leaning it back on his shoulder, surprising himself too. But then, he felt complete again and she was happy because she felt it too. And so, they stayed like that for a long time…

Then the journey had to end.

Both have to go their separate ways. As they part, they look at each other knowing everything will be back to normal. Except for one thing… Both know they have fallen.

Fallen in love? That is crazy. Maybe.

Both know they are in love.

Even after both of them woke up, in different rooms, living different lives, across half of the world.

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