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Love Letter (Short Story)


Love Letter (Short Story)

Chapter 1

by User avatar 1497796592 Iven Signapan 4 mins.

Casey's POV

A few days has passed and finally I mustered up the courage to confess. I decided to write a love letter to him. I know, I know! It's super cliché and old school! But I don't have anything else in mind. So all I did was to write a super ultra very pathetic love letter. I just want to let him know about my feelings and I don't intend to be dumped na harap harapan kaya I found this method an okay. I also told Lea about it. At first she was against it. Kesyo andami daw pwede kong gawin pero ba't napili kong ganito nalang daw. But in the end wala siyang nagawa kundi ang umagree nalang sa plano ko. Para naman kasing siya yung magtatapat, eh ako kaya tsk.

I folded my letter twice and put it up inside an envelope. Kinabukasan, I was damn early para lang malagay itong letter na to sa loob ng locker ni Rain. I don't want to get caught kaya tama lang na maaga akong dumating. I slowly sneaked the letter into his locker, nang masiguro kong nalagay na talaga sa loob saka na ako umalis at nagtungo sa usual tambayan namin ni Lea.

Rain's POV

I went to school early, may program kasi yung nakababata kong kapatid at kailangan maaga itong pumunta ng school. I was told na ihatid ko daw ito while I'm on my way. Me, being a good son, of course I agreed to what my mom told me. Mahirap na, baka ma cut pa yung allowance ko.

I decided to go and fetch something on my locker when I saw a girl sa di kalayuan na palapit. Huminto ako sa paglalakad and swiftly hid myself behind a vendo machine. It was Casey. Yes I knew her since 3 years ago, nung 4th year high school kami. She's my schoolmate and I had my eyes on her since the day I get to know about her.

It was when she joined our inter-section singing competition sa school at siya yung napiling representative sa section nila. I found her attractive since then. I know nagustuhan ko siya noon pa man and tried to confess my feelings for her but I heard a rumor na may nobyo na si Casey. I even saw her with a guy, laughing and smiling at him. That was the reason kung bakit di ko na tinuloy.

Back on track, nakita ko itong lumapit sa isa sa mga lockers. I knew it wasn't hers kasi alam na alam ko kung san banda yung sa kanya. I saw her reach something on her sling bag, something like paper. I cant really tell what is it kasi medyo malayo layo din yung pinagtataguan ko sa kanya. Nakita ko naman itong lumingon lingon sa paligid kaya agad akong umatras konti para di niya ko Makita. Nang masiguro kong wala na siya saka na ko nagpatuloy. I walked towards my locker and opened it. An envelope fell on my feet and realized na it was my locker whom Casey put something in.

Agad agad ko naman itong pinulot at binuksan. It was a letter. A letter from her! I quickly read the content, it said-

Hi Rain? It's me Casey. You might not know me but yeah, I'm just your regular schoolmate. Hmm, I don't know how to tell you this.

Not know you? Oh 'cmon! Are you freakin' kidding me Casey?! Tell me what?

It's been a long time since I had feelings for you. I just want to tell you that I like you for a very long time now. I don't want my feelings to be unheard so I decided to confess. I know it's kinda lame for me to resort on writing a letter instead of telling you directly. It might sound pathetic but I don't want to be dumped ng harap harapan that's why I did this instead. At sana maintindihan mo yun. I don't know din kung nabasa mo din ba itong ginawa ko o hindi but for me enough na yung naglakas loob akong magsabi sayo at ilagay ito sa loob ng locker mo.

Again I just want to tell you this and I'm not really expecting for a response. So Rain, thank you for giving me inspiration these past few years. At kung nabasa mo din ito, thank you for spending your time. Hanggang dito nalang.

-Casey Alcantara

My eyes turned into saucers. Mouth hanging open. Slowly realizing what I just read. No! I cant even believe it! Seriously! Casey? You freaking kidding me?! She wrote it for me? A letter of confession from Casey just for me? Damn yes Rain! Kay Casey nga tigas ng ulo!

What should I do? God! I still cant freaking believe it! I shut my locker and locked it. Thinking I would go insane any second, nilagay ko ito kaagad sa bulsa ng coat na suot ko. I walked my way patungong cafeteria smiling like an idiot. Its not like I can help myself not to. Parang mapupunit na any time yung mukha ko sa laki ng ngiti ko. I slightly pinched my side to stop myself from giggling. Oo lalake ako, but di ibig sabihin nun di din kami kinikilig!

A hand suddenly snaked around my right arm, clinging to it. "Hey, nginingiti ngiti mo diyan?" said Diana, looking curious at my current mood.

"Nothing!" I scoffed and tried to avoid her gaze.

Her eyes squinted at me. "Are you sure? It looks like you're hiding something from me though."

"Damn cousin. Too curious about my life." I said grunting at her.

Her eyes narrowed at me and smiling a bit devilishly, tuwang tuwa pa talaga eh no? "Of course! I'm afraid you wont get yourself a girlfriend kahit tumanda ka na." she said chuckling, bemused at the current situation at hand.

"Sooo? Would you mind telling me what happened?" she beamed, determined to know why I'm acting weird, is what she likes to call it.

Sighing in resignation, I told her about the whole thing. "Masaya ka na?" folding my arms across my chest.

Her whole face lit up while her mouth slightly agape. "Omg insan! Seriously?! Casey, yung girl na matagal mong gusto talaga? Wow!"

"Yes, seriously! I cant even believe it myself." I said laughing at her award winning reaction.

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This is actually a one shot story, but because SSL has a 1500 words limit, I cant post it in one go. So I need to cut it in several parts. If you want to read a better version packed with music video's and photos, visit my acc in wattpad! You can see it in my works, thank you :)


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