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Making Hearts Bleed

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Making Hearts Bleed

by Default avatar Morgan Dow 5 mins.

"I decided that I had to go out with a bang. After years of bodies with my signature mark carved into their cheeks popping up all over the streets, I knew that I wouldn't last much longer. By September 21st, I had everything planned. All my toys were purchased, I had picked out the people, etc. etc. The only thing left was to lead everyone to the designated building. At the time, I didn't care if I was caught or not, since I was already prepared to go to jail or be put to death. Therefore, the building was one I bought with one of my common aliases, Stephanie Gilbert.

"Everyone had their own designated way of being lured to the warehouse. For Victoria Jarlin, it was her trying to contact her father. I stole her father's phone and sent her a text to meet him at that building to get her opinion on something at 8 p.m. With Elaina Vale, I pretended to have a dog for sale online, and when she showed interest, I asked her to meet me at the warehouse at 8 to meet it. Finally, with poor Detective Harris, I told him that I had a tip for the police about the serial killer, which was actually me, and wanted to meet alone in person. Of course, being an officer himself, he knew that I often hacked into the phone lines and listened in, so he agreed to meet in private. Just like the rest, I told him to meet me at this warehouse at 8. I had never been more excited to kill someone before. Looking back on it, I probably looked like the stereotypical bad guy, with the giant grin and wide eyes.

"Then, they came. One by one, they arrived. The detective was there a bit early, Elaina was there just on time, and Victoria came five minutes late. The warehouse was too dimly lit for them to see all of my toys hidden in the dark corners. It was all going according to my plan. Each time one came, I blocked all of the exits until the next one came. Once they were all safely where I wanted them, I cut the power in the building. Elaine screamed, but no one but the people around her heard. The minute they entered the building, these little flies were too entangled in my web to have even a hope of escape. Of course, they didn't know that.

"For about an hour, they had tried to escape. First, they tried to open the door. Then, they tried to break the tinted windows. After that, they tried to break down the door. More and more attempts to escape added to more and more failed attempts. It was all starting to break the spirits. Finally, Detective Harris realized he could talk to his fellow officers. As always, I had already planned for that. Before his hand could even reach his belt, I snuck behind him and tased him. The shot of electricity was the brightest light in the room at the time, and drew everyone's eyes to it. I turned on a flashlight and shined it up towards my face, like kids do when telling scary stories. While the detective was lying on the ground, slowly recovering, I just laughed and said, 'Hello, everyone!'

"They were all frozen with those words. I could tell that they wanted to ask me who I was and what was going on, but they were all too scared to speak. So, I took the chance to tell them that I was the infamous 'Bleeding Heart Killer,' and that they were going to be my last victims. Elaine, once again, screamed, and she fell to the ground. Victoria burst into tears. Harris swore. I just shut off my flashlight and slipped away in the darkness. They huddled close together.

"I decided that this was the perfect time to start the night's activities. I let loose a rabid dog. It had been sleeping, but I threw a stone at it from my hidden perch designed to look like the ceiling. While Harris had recovered, the girls were rendered useless from shock. I smiled at the beautiful scene laying out before me. The irritated dog pounced on Victoria and latched onto her arm. Harris shot it on instinct. Then, he rushed to her side and pried it's jaws off of her. He then tended to her wounds, taking her light scarf and wrapping it tightly around her arm. This was only the beginning of their torment.

"After that incident, I left them alone for half an hour, leaving their nerves standing on end, waiting for the next attack. After making them wait, I thought I would reward them. I turned a spotlight onto a rack. Not like a rack that you would put stuff on. No, nothing that simple. The rack as in the torture device. They all looked beyond confused, and were all worried as to what this entailed. I switched on a recording that described what they had to do. Essentially, it threatened them into choosing one of the them to be placed on the rack and tortured. It said that if they didn't choose someone, I would just blow up the entire building. Their response was to ask for time to decide on who would be sacrificed. Little did they know, they would all die tonight, whether it was all at once or one after another.

"They decided on Elaine. Victoria clasps her in and then steps back. I tell them that one of them must be the one to torture her. Breaking a person's mind is the best part of my job. After a while of trying to prevent the inevitable, the detective gave up and stepped up to the crank. He apologized to Elaine, who was sobbing and going into hysterics. My grin only widened. He begins to crank, but only enough to make it uncomfortable for her. I urged him on, and he continued. After a while, when it comes to the point that Elaine is crying even more and complaining of the pain, he stopped. I started yelling threats at him, saying that I would make his and Victoria's deaths even more painful. He continued until she was screaming in pain. At this point, he too was crying. I told him to walk over to Victoria, and I turned off the spotlight. I snuck down and injected a poison into Elaine's bloodstream and unclasped her. Her screams stopped, and she fell to the ground, no longer alive.

"Next, I waited an hour. After all, I needed to let their nerves stand on end for awhile. It would help drive them insane and make less rational decisions. Then, I flashed a spotlight on a gigantic tank filled with water. There were a few 10 pound weights and a chain next to it. I explained to them that I wanted Harris to tie the weights to Victoria, and let her sink to the bottom. I told him it wouldn't kill her. When he refused, I listed the names of his family members and where they lived, threatening to kill them. When Victoria fought him, he tased her and put her on top of the tank. He proceeded to tie the weights on and let her sink. After about a minute, the water drained, and a needle came out to inject her with a poison. She, too was dead. Finally, came the detective.

"I left him alone for two hours that time. Every once in a while, I moved to a different location and laughed hysterically. Every time, he shot his gun and missed. After an hour of this, he was out of bullets. During the second hour, he begged for his life. It only made me laugh more. Once the two hours were up, I dressed up as an angel and walked over to him, the lights now on in the building. He could see everything. He only sobbed more. I had come up to him, kneeled in front of him, and injected him with the same poison as the rest. I sighed, realizing that the night of fun is basically over.

"I finished off by doing my usual routine. I removed their hearts, cleaned the bodies, stitched them up, dressed them in white formal wear, and placed their bleeding hearts on their chests. I feel that you should know that I feel no remorse for what I have done. Come and find me if you can, detectives.

"The Bleeding Heart Killer, now identified as Gianna Gibbert is yet to be found. She-" I turned off the t.v., no longer being able to stand hearing about her anymore. You can't kill my brother, Joey Harris, and get away with it. Someday soon, Gibbert, I will make your heart bleed.

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I hope you liked it! It's my first story on here, and I figured I would try to do something interesting. It's kind of a weird take on the topic, given I did it from the point of view of the criminal, but it was worth a try. Please give me feedback!


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