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Morning don't have to suck

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Morning don't have to suck

by Default avatar river love 4 mins.

Colin woke up to the beeping of his alarm clock. Another six AM morning. He was tempted to just snooze it and roll back over to sleep, but after a moment of groggy thought, he sat up and turned the alarm off. He had to be at work for seven, and it was already a forty minute drive, so he didn't have a lot of time to spare. He quickly looked over to the other side of the bed and smiled at the cute rabbit asleep there.

He always felt badly whenever his alarm woke his mate Marcus up, but there was no helping it sometimes. Colin pulled the blankets off of himself carefully, before standing up. He paused to stretch before pacing quietly over to the bathroom attached to the bedroom. He flipped on the light, pausing for a moment to look in the mirror. He looked tired, but that was a given. His hair was a mess, but a nice shower would fix that. He stepped into the tub, and turned on the water. The warm water poured down over Colin's muzzle, running down his face, soaking his grey hair.

As he felt it flow its way down his brown chest, the wolf let out a sigh. He hated early mornings like this. Especially for nocturnal animals like him, getting up while the sun was still rising seemed unnatural. “Gotta be laws against this kinda thing..” He muttered to himself, tasting the water slightly in his maw. He let out a sigh as the water trickled down further through his thick fur. It reached his sheath, warming it, which caused it to swell slightly.

For a moment he considered a quick paw, before deciding that it wasn't worth the effort when he was so tired already. He raised his arms as high as he could, groaning as he stretched out his muscles, his tail wagging slowly behind him. When suddenly, arms wrapped themselves around his belly. He jumped slightly, met with a quiet giggle.

“Dammit Marcus, you scared me...” He said, the embarrassment clear in his voice. Marcus just laughed, before squeezing the canine again.

“Well, I wouldn't be scaring you if you weren't such a scaredy cat..”

“Hey! I'm not a cat of any kind, thank you! We wolves are much better!”

Marcus hugged tighter, his flaccid cock pressing itself up against the wolf's rear. He rubbed his head against the other male's back gently, his long ears starting to get wet.

“And what about us rabbits, Colin?” Colin chuckled, reaching a paw behind him to gently scratch at the white rabbit's blue hair. “Makes you great prey for us wolves..”

“Oh really?” Marcus said, one of his paws sliding down Colin's brown chest to gently take the wolfs balls in his grasp. “Cause right now it seems like I've got the power.” Colin bit his lip slightly, his sheath swelling under the rabbit's touch.

“Well, only because I'm letting you.”

Marcus squeezed at the tender orbs gently, once again giggling. “Oh really? You're letting me, are you? Cause right now, I don't think that you could stop me.” Almost as if to accentuate his point, the tip of Colin's red length started to poke its head out from it's hiding place. The wolf blushed under his fur.

“Well, why would I want you to stop?”

“That's right, keep telling yourself that. That you've got the control. That you don't crave my paws on your cock too much to ever make me stop.” Marcus said, raising his head to whisper into the slightly larger male's ear. His other paw slipped off the wolf's hip to move down to his sheath, rubbing the furry package, encouraging the rest of the crimson red shaft to slide out. It needed little encouragement, and soon the rabbit's paw was sliding up and down the canine's full length. Colin let our a groan, his hips starting to rock back and forth with the rhythm of the strokes. He felt Marcus hardening behind him, length pressing more and more against his rear.

“Face it.” Marcus said, his voice low and sultry. “You might be the predator, but I'm the dominate one here. “You love being my wolfy bitch..” Marcus moved his paw off of the other male's balls, still leaving one stroking his member, to reach back to his own cock, lining up the tip of it against Colin's tight hole. The wolf stepped forwards slightly, putting his arms against the walls of the shower to support himself as Marcus pushed his hips forwards slowly, sinking his full length deep into the tight innards of the wolf. The warm water poured down on him as he leaned up to Colin's ear.

“You're my little dog, here just to use. I'm going to use you and fill you up, and you're going to love it.”

Colin nodded, panting heavily as the rabbit brought his hips back, pulling his pink length almost all of the way out, before quickly pushing it back in again. A groan emerged from Marcus' lips as his sensitive prick was enveloped by Colin's warm rear again and again.

He quickly started stroking along the wolf's length in time with his thrusts. Marcus' legs began to quiver. He leaned forwards, pushing his torso against the cool wall of the shower to steady himself, while pushing his hips further back and back, wanting to take as much of the cock as he could manage to get into himself. Pleasure flooded though both of the males as Marcus thrusted in over and over, ravaging the larger male's tail hole. The water started to feel cooler, raining down on both of them, as their bodies grew warmer and warmer.

“Do you like being fucked by a small rabbit like me?” Marcus said, into Colin's ear. Colin could only nod, rubbing his muzzle against the wall, lost in ecstasy. As the rabbit grew close, he sped up. He placed both his paws on the wolf's hips, fucking him with as much force as he could muster. Colin's moans turned to cries of pure pleasure from Marcus jack hammering into him. With one final thrust, Marcus pushed his whole length into the other male.

Ropes of seed shot out from his cock deep into the wolf's rear. Leaving himself in, Marcus quickly reached his paw to Colin's fully erect length, wrapping a paw around it. He quickly stroked it, letting out a quiet moan as the wolf squirmed and clenched around him. After just a few moments, the wolf finished as well, spraying his load against the wall of the shower. Both of them sat there under the water for a moment, panting heaving. Marcus wrapped his arms around Colin and smiled, hugging him tightly.

“You're my big scary wolf” He said, lovingly.

“And you're.. My tiny adorable rabbit.” Colin said back. After a moment, they both laughed. Colin turned off the water, and both of them stepped out of the shower. Colin passed a towel to Marcus and they both dried off. They both headed back to the bedroom, smiling at one another.

“Oh hun..” Marcus said, taking a look at the clock “don't you have work today?”

Colin turned to look at the clock, which read 6:45 in it's blazing red numbers. He then quickly proceeded to throw on his clothes, skip breakfast, and rush out to the car. But on the way to work he was smiling the whole way.”

“I guess mornings don't always have to suck.”

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