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My beautiful girl


My beautiful girl

She was not a normal girl. No unlike all the other girls, she was different. Her smile would make me smile, her teeth sparkled, and her eyes… Oh her eyes to others, were just blue eyes, but to me. They are parts of the sky, mixed with the ocean, with a little bit of a diamond all mixed together. To others she was “hot,” but to me, she was perfect. Nobody could ever take away anything from her. No matter how hard I tried, I could never seem to find a single flaw. She walked, no she didn’t walk. No she glided. She was an angel, thrown from Heaven, because other angels were jealous of her. They knew her beauty was just unbeatable. I have to make her mind, she must stay with me forever, and I can’t let her out of the freezer, her beauty will vanish, and she won’t be the beautiful girl I love so much.

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Beauty doesn't last forever, but love does.


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