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My Girlfriend


My Girlfriend

Chapter 1

"Candace, I'm not so sure about this."

The blonde woman sighed, "I mean it's whatever you want to do baby, although if you ask me, you need this."

"But what if people-"

"How many times do I have to tell you, it's okay. Who cares what other people think? You're cute. You're beautiful."

Silence was the only response she got and soon the door clicked open.

Hands flew over her mouth as she saw her dressed in a skin tight baby blue backless dress, pretty open toed heels to match, her hair now longer and it's usual platinum blonde, curled to perfection. She wore pretty simple pearl studs, cherry red lip gloss, and a perfume that made Candace's heart race.

She blushed, "Candace-"

"Oh hush, turn for me." She smiled.

Following her girlfriend's command, she turned in a 360 and wasn't prepared for the ecstatic squeal that followed.

"You look so pretty!" She awed.

"But Candace, I feel bad." She blushed.

"What's wrong? Dress too tight?" She said trying to help.

She patted her hands away, "No Candace, I'm supposed to be your boyfriend not your girlfriend!"

A soft hand wiped away a rogue tear on the confused girl's face, "Baby I don't care what you are to me because I know that no matter how you identify yourself, you love me, right?"

The girl nodded her head vigorously, "Like the air I breathe."

A warm smile transpired between them, "And if you want to wear skirts and make up or pants and cologne, as long as you keep loving me, I'll keep loving you."

The two shared an intense hug and soon looked into each other's eyes, not even realizing they were inching closer and closer to one another until their lips touched. The two made out passionately and laughed when they broke apart.

The blonde smirked, "Ashton your lipstick is smudged."

The girl smirked right back, "Yours too." She laughed.

The two beauties touched up their make up and went out hand in hand as loving girlfriends to share a lovely night in the city.

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