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​My GIRLFRIEND Seems to be a Robot

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​My GIRLFRIEND Seems to be a Robot

by User avatar 1515296177 Lhyne Nieto 5 mins.

Since 3rd year high school until now, me and Kailyn are still in a relationship. We both knew our parents since nanligaw na ako sa kanya ng personal. In fact, nagdadalawang isip pa nga siya na ligawan ko siya because she is afraid to her parents. But because i am willing to do that and i am really serious, i went to their house alone and make some harana . I also try to live in their house and help them . It's just like i am courting her in a traditional way. There are also times that we've been troubled for how many times like jealous, pride and misunderstanding pero napag-uusapan naman eh. Actually, were both classmates since high school and she is the one that i'm always teasing in class. BTW, i am Raffi Casie, a fourth year college now taking a course of Engineering while Kailyn is an Accountant.

Before i went to my room hinahatid ko siya. We are in a one university kasi eh. 5 years of being with each other is a very serious relationship that I've encounter. I can't imagine that we can stay strong together as one. Want to know the secret?Even you are just a simple person if you know how to handle it, you can do that. Have the trust to each other and understand as well.

" Boss, kitakits nalang mamaya", i used to call her boss like that. Hindi naman sa sunod -sunuran ako ha.

" Treat mo ha?", she said.

" Uo naman. Boss kita eh." Kinindatan ko siya. " Wala bang kiss ako diyan?" i hold her waist and kiss her.

' Oh siya.. pumasok ka na." she smiled at me.

" bye!"

I went to my room,

sitting there and imagining. She is a kind of simple girl , she is

simple at all in terms of clothing, things and everything pero hanep...

ang lupet niyang magmahal. Then after my class, my classmates talk to


" Raf.., let's have some fun"

" Oo nga,, it's been a long time that you didn't join us.. sige na!", pilt niya sakin.

" I'm sorry bro. Hindi pwede eh."

" dahil ba sa gf mo?" he laughed. " Naku Raf baka nag papaalipin kana dun ha. You can't do anything what you want"

I laugh at him also. " You don't understand me bro. Mag girlfriend ka kaya para malaman mo kung ano ang feeling ko ngayon." They didn't say any words at all. " Ang saya kaya sa feeling" then i walked away sabay pamulsa and whistle. So now, i'M on my way to Kailyn's room to fetch her. We will be having our date today as in dinner date ba na may pagka echoss ang peg. First, we go directly to mall to buy clothes so that we can change. SHOOOCKSS!! napanganga nalng ako when i saw her . Minsan lang kasi siya magsuot ng ganito. She is wearing a dress na hanggangtuhod lang, pink in color at naka heels siya, nakapusod ang buhok na pabilog at may nakakawil na maliit na buhok sa gilid ng tenga nito.

" Hoy!! nasobrahan na ba ako kaganda?"

" Hindi lang sobra...sobrang-sobra"

"Bolero!" Hinampas niya ako ng maliit na shoulder bag niya.

" Ayan ka na naman eh.. you are fond of always hurting me"

" Let's go!" We ride on a car.

" Where are we going?"

' Secret. it's a surprise. Later you will know. So, all you must to do now is a beauty rest."

I am driving a car, my Tito let me borrow his car . It's okay for him because of Kailyn. For your information, this day we are celebrating our 6th anniversary. Days are so fast.. no one knows maybe tomorrow it's our wedding. hahahahah!

" We're here!"

" WOW!! ang ganda i can see all things here"

" Just wait!" , opss she has a blindfold pala. " Oh careful.. just sit there and when i say okay you can get it now."

I went up in the mini-stage that I've planned. " 1,2,3... okay"

when she already get it,

i sing our favorite theme song When you say nothing at all. She was

shocked with this surprise especially the pictures that are surrounded

everywhere and remember they are hanging. While I'm singing , she is

looking at each picture. It was our picture when it is our weeksary, monthsary,

events in school and everything that we spent together and also the

naughtiest thing that time. After my concert , she looked at me.

" Is it okay?"

" HAHAHAHA! How did yo do this? all of this??? OMG!! Then , may pakanta-kanta ka pang nalalaman"

" it's our favorite right? that's why i sing it for you"

Oi, grabe ka. I'm a little bit of nervous that time"

' Fortunately, you impress them"

" So.. lets go?"

" huh?? where?"

" For another venue"

" so, its not this?"

" Yeaahh.. it's here. look!!"

Then suddenly a lights sparks in our way pointing to our next venue. We are walking there just like we are walking in an aisle. Try to imagine, it's a kind of garden and there are plants that are hanging there ,its like a thin stem. (i don't know how to call it.) Its like a curtain and we enter it now. A simple hut but when you look at inside its very nice.

' Wow!! ang ganda!! how did you collect all of this? is it true?"

" Of course ,, so that you can remember"

What she mean is the pictures again. There's a heart shape there with a picture when it was all about our anniversary. And there's a quote saying : " EVERY LOVE STORY IS BEAUTIFUL, BUT OURS IS MY FAVORITE."

" COrnnyyy!! wala na bang bago?"

" There is only one new thing there and it's YOU , who came in my life"

" NAKSS!! the best ka talaga" he pinch my nose and it turned into red like a tomato.

" Ouch!! wala kabang magawa sa buhay mo/ ilong ko na naman ang tinitira mo eh.. ayan tuloy pumapanget na."

" Arte mo pa sakin eh. Dont worry, even though how ugly it is i still love you", bumabanat din siya oh.

' ayiihh"

" oy,, its true ha"

We are sitting now in a lively grass then she is leaning on my shoulder while we are holding our hands.

" oi.. may falling star" sabi nito. " Magwish ka dali!" she close her eyes and I'm staring at her. She's smiling gracefully. When she open it she asked me. " what's your wish?"

" You go first and i tell you my wish"

" Me?? ahhmm.. i want to have a simple life but happy together with the man i love rather than rich but no time with each other. Alam mo yun? and i want to have a stuffs that can help me."

" Yun talaga?" Sus , it will come true . I Swear...and about the stuffs ,you can tell your dad to make it. Scientist naman siya diba? kahit anong bagay kaya niyang gawin."

" Hay naku!! i want to be an independent person and i don't want to depend it all to Dad. EH, Ikaw what's your wish?"

" Wish ko...matupad yung wish mo."

" Are you kidding me?"

" That's my first wish. Second is, sana tayo na forever"

" Sus , maniniwala lang ako sa forever pag kasal na tayo"

" edi, pakasal na tayo"

" YOU're insane!"

" Baka kasi bukas iwan mo na ako eh"

" Jumping into conclusion? "

" Total malapit na graduation natin, pwede na yun diba?"

" Can you wait?"

" Of course. Kaya mga 6 years eh.. yun pa kaya na months nalang. I believe in destiny ikw?"

" DESTINY it is the one who decides who you meet in life but it's your own heart who decides who will stay inside"

" OKkay,, i'll wait BOss"

I am very lucky to what i have right now. For the 6 years of moments and time in our life. How about you? maybe you can also have the relationship like this. If you can don't lose it but it depends on you on how you can handle that things. It's just like a glass , if you will not hold it firm and it will fall , the tendency is will broke into pieces and it's hard to bring it back to its original. Lets say you can but it's really different.

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