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​My GIRLFRIEND Seems to be a Robot

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​My GIRLFRIEND Seems to be a Robot

by User avatar 1515296177 Lhyne Nieto 5 mins.

After 5 months, it's our graduation day. We graduate on

the same day and year. BOTH, we are having now our diploma and our

parents are very proud of us who are there always to support no matter

what happen. New life, new challenges and new beginning for us.

" Congratulations boss!!"

" congratulation din"

" So, how was it? it means pwede na?"

" oh,, you are really serious ha. Excited? It's our last day. let's enjoy it first"

" oh, sige ikaw ang nagsabi eh."

What we did? After the graduation ay nagagala kaming dalawa and Dad gave a a new car as his gift kaya yun ang ginamit namin. We hang out everywhere we want and we celebrate our success in life together.

And it's almost 9 pm when we are on the way going home to Kailyn's

house. My car is like a disco car because of its noise. We sing along

together inside and enjoy our journey. While we are singing, we didn't

even notice the stoplight there but luckily no one saw us. I just

continue to drive it and didn't mind anything. it's the only time that

joy comes to our mind. After we sing because the music stop also, then

suddenly one vehicle hit our car. I lose to control the car and its manebela.

Our situation now is getting worst. The car slide in a side of the

street where it is a direct area until the end of it going down. I

don't know what happen next because my eyes getting dark until i fall

asleep. A minutes passed, as i open my eyes Kailyn is not in my side


" Kailyn! Kailyn! " i shouted and force myself to get out inside the car. Nakabaliktad kasi ang kotse. It's hard for me to move because somethings hurt in my body. When I'm already outside, i saw Kailyn lying on the ground near the rocks.

" Kailyn! Kailyn!", when i hold her, there are many bloods coming out from her head and bruises can be seen in her body. " Kailyn! Kailyn! wake up!" She is not moving even a little. I decided to call my Dad.

" Hello, Dad?"

" Anak., where are you? Me and your mom are waiting for you here"

"AH, DAD" , suddenly i cough.

" Why? Somethings wrong?"

" It's an emergency Dad. Can you call an ambulance for us? ASAP"

After the incident, i can't get rid of the pain. I feel weak and my phone fall on the ground then my eyes turn into black again. When i wake up, i am in the hospital now.

" Raf, what happen? bakit kayo naaksidente?", my Dad said.

" Alam mo bang pinag-alala mo kami?"

" Where's Kailyn po?", my first response to them. " Where is she po" They didn't answer me back and unexpectedly my Mom cried. I don't know why. " Ma, somethings wrong?" , I said softly.

" Her parents are also here o check her but....." my Mom pause for a moment as my Dad hug her. " Raf,, we're very sorry"

" Why Mom? ANO PO BA YUN?" , mas lalong napaiyak siya.

" From those injuries that he have especially in her head, she can't hold on and fight for it. That's why when she got here in the hospital , her heartbeat didn't function well until it is her last breath anymore. I'm very sorry anak"

Me? I will not believe it yet but i'm crying.

' No it's not true Dad." I force myself to get up from my bed and get the dextrose that they put in my hand. ' ' Hindi pwede! hindi pwede!" Even though how much pain that i am suffering right now, i really force myself to do so but Dad stop me and inject something in my shoulder.

On the other day, OH,,.. I'm still here in the hospital and Kailyn's parents visit me here with some food for me to eat. They put it in the table then take a steps going to my place. Her parrents hug me tight.

" Anak, how are you now?", she is smiling but few tears falls down from her eyes. Don't worry we are still here for you no matter what happen"

" Mom i'm not okay because i want to see Kailyn. Where is she po?"

" Raf, you know that it's really hard for you but it is more harder for us to accept this about Kailyn"

" Ano ba kayo .. Mom , Dad. She's still alive right? She promise me that she will not leave me"

I don't still believe to the words that they are saying. They try to get me up i my bed and put me on a wheelchair then i am wondering why they are pushing me going to the morgue. At that time, i was shocked and believe now when i hold her lying and closing her eyes.,. The thing is she's still warm BUT HOW??

" Dad, what if we bring her into your house. Pagalingin niyo po siya"

" but,, i'M not a doctor . How could i? I don't know about that thing."

" Dad,, please. Do anything to her, cure her.. scientist ka naman diba?'

" What do you mean , i will experiment her? IT's a very big mistakes."

" Dad what if you try.. malay mo magawa mo"

" Human is different from plants and things. It is impossible to do and it is very dangerous"

" Sige na po Dad.. I know that you want her to live again together with you. So..please..."

He had no choice but to try. We bring her into the house and there is a small private room like in a hospital for her. Dad put her to lie in the bed. He is imagining how to start with it while he is observing how her body functions.

" Dad , what can you see?"

" Ang pinagtataka ko lang, her body is warm but her heart didn't function anymore even a little bit. I can't understand it."

" So, what's the possibility for her to live again?"

I am thinking if it is a miracle? There are many things that Dad put in her body looks like a current.

" Can you go out first? I'll handle this."

I went out as he said. I have the hope now in myself. I can feel that it will works. I'm just there that time waiting for the result.

" Kailyn? What are you doing here?"

" You don't want me here? okay i will go"

" Wait , is it true?" i touch her face and yes it is. Hala!! am i dreaming?"

" You want a prove?" She pinch my nose.

' Ouch!!!" , as i shout it loud. " Totoo nga . you're back again" I hug her. " i really miss you"

" Nawala ba ako?"

" ha? You don't know what happen to you?. Don't tell me nagka amnesia ka"

" Meron ba? but i can't remember anything"

Nagtaka ako. Bakit ganito siya? Then Dad came out from the room then suddenly Kailyn stop moving and she is like a statue now while smiling at me.

" Sorry i didn't finish it yet"

I am very happy that time and i hug Dad because he made it. He is very intelligent enough to do that thing. Sabi ko na nga ba may pag-asa pa eh. Then we put him back on the room. Shockssss!!! So bigat!! ano bang nilagay sa kanya.

" Dad! How could you do that?"

"Her heart is not functioning that's why i used to change it into an electric way of pumping"

" Then what did you do?

He let me see the chest of Kailyn then i noticed that it's kinda like operation also but you can open it and change again to new one. High tech diba????

"Dad what's this?"

" That is her heart now"


" that's the bad thing.. there are some case that it will not work .. just be careful to her"

" mean that she is like a robot now?"

" yeahh.. it seems like that"

" But i know that robot is a robot and...i can't believe it. How could she still act like a human?"

" I also notice that one but it's hard to explain also. It's just an expirement one but i don't know how it works like that"

He let me see the chest of Kailyn then i noticed that it's kinda like operation also but you can open it and change again to new one. High tech diba????

"Dad what's this?"

" That is her heart now"


" that's the bad thing.. there are some case that it will not work .. just be careful to her"

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