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My love for Chris

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My love for Chris

Chapter 1

My love for Chris is strong and it began about two years ago when I was 46 and he was only 19. I just knew that there was something about this much younger man. He was out on the streets and I was a very unhappy person but he could make me smile like i had not done in many years. I loved to help people and this was one person I wanted to help very much. I asked him to come and stay with me as I was living alone and had only my two littlest kids at home and they were to young to do things with the house. He did come and live with me and the kids. We had a had you for the first year but we had fun. Our kids started to love Chris right at the start and so did I. My smile came out more often and it felt great. As the years turned to 2 we are still together and we got married about a month and half ago and we are still as happy as the day we got together. This proves that at any age you can find love.

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