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My Prince....

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My Prince....

I don't get it.....I don't get it at all. How can things change so suddenly like,seriously how can your bestest friend suddenly become your worst enemy,the girl who once used to be the most cheerful suddenly started to cry herself to sleep,how forever turns into some really short moments that you'll do almost anything to get back,how some people who once wanted to spend their whole lives with you suddenly things that a few minutes of their lives are way to much to spare. How people make promises,just to break them. How people can erase you from their lives instead of working things out.

For example?,you see that girl,that one who seems like a bubble of sunshine,is laughing,telling jokes,playing around,caring for others,having a great time?....she's not,she's dying inside,her hands are etching to do something bad to herself,she wanna breakdown,she is not who she looks like,she is something you won't even imagine her being,she is sad,depressed,she needs help,she is ME.

People,are like boats,they floats all the time and interact with each other,but,when they sink,they are forgotten,forever.When people interact with each other, they create a magic,and run on the ocean without a care in sight,but when one dies....the other drowns,and cries.

Do you ever,get this feeling that,this life isn't yours?that,everyone around you is living,and you are just,watching,waiting.Mauebe we'll meet again,when we're a bit older mature and more understanding,because right now i'm chaos to your thoughts and you are poison to my heart.

Why does everyone feels like that they can break anyone's heart,them,their thought...without a second thought?Don't others have a heart?....but sometimes miracles does happens,i believe because I've experienced it.

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