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No Suffering

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No Suffering

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WW1 the war to supposedly end all wars. Though many people know now that this was not the case. WW1 did not end all wars and if you have trouble believing me then look it up. I'm going to be honest with you so you don't have to guess. Stephan dies at the end and so does his 2 children and his wife Mary. Some may ask why am I telling you this? Well I'm not going to answer that question but instead leave it up to you.

Yes Stephan, his two young children and his wife Mary will die. They were Jewish during the time of WW2. Stephan who was a former soldier for Germany during WW1 was an incredibly generous person. He would give everything to ensure that his family enjoys their short stay here on earth.

Lets begin

November 9, 1938

Some of you may know this day but I certainly remember it. It has been stapled to my mind forever. I can't go anywhere without being reminded of it. On that day I saw so many bodies, so many Nazis and even more Jews. If you don't already know the significance of this date let me tell you. It was the night of broken glass which was the first day everyone in Germany knew that the Nazis hated the Jews. Though they might have had an idea before they now know clearly what the Nazis wanted to do.

Stephan was one of the many people who had to experience this dreadful date but on the same day will die. After leaving the military after WW1 Stephan opened his own shop. He sold everything to candy to posters. Many people came to his shop on a regular basis. On one day he only had 1 customer. It was his daughter Sharon. His daughter had come into the store to buy some candy.

Then all of a sudden it changed.

Bricks thrown through the windows like bullets through metal. It was loud every piece of broken glass could be heard across the world. Not only bricks but also spit and don't forget the paint. Jewish Garbage was what was painted on his door. Stephan instantly knew what to do he ran out of his shop with his daughter and went home.

They sprinted home and bust opened the door. His wife stood there looking at him with a gun in her hand. She depressingly says: "it's time." Stephan took the gun and put it in his pants. He called his 2 children over and says the same thing his wife said. He took the gun to Sharon then pulled the trigger. Next to his other child Maria and again pulled the trigger. Next to his wife who was almost as happy as a child on Christmas. All their faces smiling and happy. They wanted this to happen so to finally end of this story Stephan took the gun and aimed it at his skull and pulled the trigger.

No suffering. Quick and easy.

I would eventually come there and see not only them but also the 1911 handgun that was on the floor. Their spirits were warm and accepting. I carried their souls to were they all go. When I brought them there I saw many warm and happy souls as well.

Maybe they knew. Maybe they knew what suffering was going to be put upon them.

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I am looking for constructive comments. I am only 16 and just started getting into writing stories so I apologize if there are grammatical errors.


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