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No Turning Back


No Turning Back

People have always wanted to go back on time... where...one could have done the "right thing". Maybe just thinking about it I think it depends on the person to make the right choice but... we all make mistakes, BIG MISTAKES, that have ruined everything, changed everything. Change everything in the way that it will never be fixed. But some people do the stupidest mistakes! like change who they are for just a certain boy or girl that don't care about them or just simply be soo in love with someone that they take a risk and do stuff you're not supposed to....BLA,BLA,BLA!! It's just drama all over the place. To be honest everyone has to think outside the box/problem meaning that you're going to think to the present and say "ok, this is not the correct choice to make because this is going to cause this." That's what I think so whatever situation you're in just predict the future or in other words just think what would happened if you did this or that because remember : There's No Turning Back !

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