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On The Alien Amnesty and Meta-humans

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On The Alien Amnesty and Meta-humans

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Tomorrow, the President of our country will sign the Alien Amnesty, a controversial order that has radically split our nation apart. It will provide an automatic pardon to every extra-terrestrial immigrant currently living on our soil. It’s a nice thought really, but a lot of things can go wrong.

We’ll start with the things that can go wrong. Actually, a lot of things have already gone wrong. While a lot of people think that it’s as easy as accepting a human minority, it’s not quite the same. In fact the E.O. is quite rash. I do not wish to be discriminatory, but this bears speaking.

Think of it this way, we still have difficulty handling a lot of the meta-humans. In fact, we have no laws on meta-human abilities. I repeat, we do not have specific laws concerning meta-human abilities. We have no laws on telepathy consent, on teleportation (or translocation), much less on real ‘magic’.

Why is this important for non-human sapient? Well, we are fumbling through Xenobiology. But some of the meta-human abilities are similar in effect to the non-human abilities. However meta-human powers seem to be a case-by-case diagnosis. Instead being proactive, we have been reactive instead when dealing with them. In fact, we could have base-lined non-terran abilities with meta-humans as controls. It could have set precedents and create technology that would safe-guard against both ignorance and bias.

Not only that our laws deficient on meta-human abilities and consequently non-terran abilities, the technology to detect telepathy, to follow teleportation, nor a task force handling ‘magic’-oriented criminals are deficient. How would you know if your memory was tampered with? How would you know that someone is using a glamour? How do you prevent teleporters from entering your home? Not every city has an expert in these cases in their employ.

Our containment facilities and defense are also severely lacking. So far, only Bell Reeve can hold them as most of them can bust out of prison no problem. I know that the Super-cousins are doing something noble, but by the same token that not all humans are good, surely not all Kryptonians are good. And should by some unfortunate circumstance that both of them be unavailable as someone as strong as a Kryptonian attacks humanity, we would be sitting ducks. I can be an alarmist I know, but as I say, one should hope for the best while preparing for the worst.

The flip-side of this problem is the fact that one cannot prosecute someone whose victim is an extra-terrestrial. They can be murdered and the murderer will go free, even if the evidence is air-tight, considering that the victim is again a non-terrestrial, and is therefore not under the protection of the law. Hate-crimes already abound, and xenophobic terrorist cells have manifested. But it’s likely that these numbers are loose estimates. Fear of course holds them back. This executive order is not enough, like the ones before it.

They are vulnerable to exploitation and discriminatory working practices and environments. But fact is, there have been news of fighting rings using non-human sapients as combatants. How sure are we that this is not coerced? Are there even safeties on this thing?

We have done this to our fellow Homo sapiens, for the sheer fact that they have a different skin tone, sexual orientation, religion, and political belief. What’s going to stop us from doing the same from a refuge from another planet, one who is exactly ‘not human’?

When we boil it down to the basics, the problem with the non-terrans are the exact same problem we have with our minorities and meta-humans. We need to redefine what it means to be humane. We need to redefine what it means to be human. Does it mean just our DNA? Is it our sentience? That we can reason, and feel more than our biological impulses? Because often times we forget. We forget that ‘humanity’ is an optional apart of our existence, that we are, when stripped of culture, and ‘education’, just another animal on this planet.

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