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One Night Stand Up


One Night Stand Up

I like attention

the instant gratification taken from your look, a gaze I can fuck with

you look up and down at me, you take in my body and my eyes

I'm not sure you take in my thoughts, but at that point I didn't care

You liked the drunken mumbles, you crave the sense of a touch I give you

A pale and skinny frame that can give you what you want, and

I like the attention

When I came over, you were all that there was for a short amount of time

you were nothing more than a one night stand that wasn't supposed to go anywhere

damn, man. I was so wrong.

But I'm falling in love with you.

Creep by me the day after a party, you won't meet my gaze

I'm a naive adolescent with a mission to gain your attention

High school party and I felt so cool, so cool dude

Get fly, hitch a ride on illegal drinks and the high of a summer night

Lockers slam, you keep your head up and your gaze down

you won't look at me, but I remember how your kisses felt so sweet

it was so wrong, but you told me an age didn't matter,

did it?

I can't tell and you won't tell,

"Don't stand so close to me" plays on the radio, I think about how it sounds so familiar;

did The Who get it right?

what were you even doing there that night?

since when did you run with a younger pack, as an alpha?

you sit at the front of class now, and I take my seat

but I know you can see me, even when your faced toward the board

"Turn to page four, class"

I really like the attention.

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Mimi @mimidey
Great little story :)
Danielle @daniellewillard

I am glad you enjoyed it. I know it was quite dark, but I still appreciate the comment.