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Only Friend I have left


Only Friend I have left

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I used to have many, ten or twelve by my side; I wasn't popular, and we were the group of outcast.
We laughed, sang, and just had fun.
As time passed, the group grew smaller; as friends lied to each other, stabbed one another in the back, or left to go to a different place. Some turned to drugs, others went to parties.

In a blink it was gone, and I was the only one left. I sat in the places we used to go, laughter no longer bounced off the walls. The light that once shined, now was dim and the darkness that was at bay now closed in.

I wanted it back, all of it; the good times, the memories. It was gone, ripped from my hands and all I could do was watch it leave. I was alone again, just like before; I should be used to it, I was always alone.

No one to talk to, no body to make me laugh; I was alone for so long, darkness became my friend. I thought I was done for, but one day I saw a speck of light; it was only a dot at first, feeling desperate I ran for it.

The darkness went away, the ache in my chest faded; light was back in my life, and I'd be damned if I lost it again. They brought out my best side and new my worst, and I stuck with them through thick and thin; we've only fought maybe twice, but couldn't stay mad. We laughed, we've cried, and we done some stupid shit in our times. We protected each other, and helped one another through the toughest of times.

Just like before, however, we were ripped apart. The darkness closed in again, only this time with much more force; it was intense and for a couple months I thought, this is the end. Right when I was about to give in, our memories flooded in; I fought to keep the light alive.

I truly thought you would run, or no longer cared; I was hanged off a cliff, by my fingertips. I reached for you and truly thought you'd turn your back and leave me to fall. Though, I nearly cried when your grabbed my arm with both hands and fought with all your strength to pull me up.

You are the only friend I have left, you are the only one that has held on; I'm here because of you, I don't deserve you but I won't let go. No matter how complicated things might get, I really hope you stay by my side; I'll do the same because without you, I truly don't know where I would be.

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To my best friend, you are the only thing keeping my depression at bay.


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