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Our Adventures in Bengaluru


Our Adventures in Bengaluru

Chapter 1

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1. An Adventure on the Way

One evening after dinner, my father told me and my brother Hridaan to go in our room. We thought that he wanted us to sleep early, so we obeyed him. We read our story book for a while, and then slept when we felt sleepy. We both fell into a deep sleep as our exams were over and our Diwali vacations were going to start the next day.

The next morning, we were woken up by our mother. “Wake up! We have a surprise for you!” she said. Confused, we followed her to our parents’ room. Our father was there. “We are very happy with your results.” he said. “We are going to Bengaluru! Your Diwali vacations have started, so we can go and you can play with Tanisha and Tia.” Now my brother and I understood that our parents were discussing this topic when they had sent us to our room the previous night.

After all the packing was done, we booked a cab and left for the airport. We had informed Badepapa and Badimom that we were coming. At the airport, we had to go through all the baggage check-in and all that stuff. I was walking behind my family when someone grasped my hand and pulled me. I tried to shout, but he quickly made me smell a napkin and I fell into a deep sleep. He was carrying me away when my brother saw him.

Now Hridaan and I had learnt Karate and self-defense at school for two years, so, as soon as he saw this, he ran towards the man and kicked him hard. The man became unconscious. The guards and our parents rushed towards me. Hridaan thought something very bad had happened to me, but I woke up and said, “Silly! I am not dead!” The guards took the man to the police and he got what he deserved.

We still decided to go to Bengaluru and ran to catch our flight. We reached Bengaluru safely (phew!) and told our entire story to Tanisha, Tia, Badepapa and Badimom, who all praised Hridaan for his bravery.

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