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Pain Killers

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Pain Killers

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Pain killers some in different shapes and forms. Some take the form of a love, others in the shape of pills. What you do is up to you. Some people get hurt by that love, and lose hope in everything. The love they take shape in is hard to explain, but I can try. You’re lost, in pain. Instead of grabbing a bottle of pills, remember you have them right here. Male or female, young or old, straight or gay, even transgender, your custom made painkillers is the one you love most. The one who cures you when ill, heals your wounds, and your broken heart. Some meet when too young to love, others when too old to move. These one of a kind people make you happy, and kill you with laughter. They see your dark side, and still love you. But with every good side there’s a bad one. Some people can’t wait, or can’t love. They get there pain killers, but not the good kind. They feel alone, trapped even, they feel forced to grab that sickening bottle of everyone’s tears. All it takes is a handful of lies and bullies, heart break and fake friends, until all they think is that they don’t need to live, or feel pain. That’s when they think they need that lonely bottle of everyone’s tears. What you do is up to you. Find your right painkillers

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an old writing i did..


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AnimePlayz @animeplayz
this is beautiful.