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Past, Present, Future


Past, Present, Future

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Present says to Past: "Past will you follow me always?"

"No. I am only here because you still think of me" answers Past

"What about Future? Will he not come if you're here?" Present asks.

"Future will never come until you let me go" Past says

"But I should not let you go, how would I learn from you then?"

"Look back, learn but, set me free from you Present..." Past says sadly.

Present looks incredulous.

"Future will come to be your present...

you are Present and will become the past...

Present is the only time we truly have. If you never stop lingering on me, you will never live your life."

"But---" Present tries to object.

"I am the yesterday, Present and will never be your tomorrow. While Future is an infinite possibility if you live on your today"

Present still does not understand and so she tries to hold on to Past.

Future on the other hand arrived without her knowing because she still looks at the Past.


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