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The thing is, all my pens have no ink in them.

So how the hell am I gonna write with a pen, huh?

Well, the best way is to go out and buy a new one. Only I cannot spare the cash to do that. So I am stuck.

I have my keyboard, but they tell me you try to write with a pen. "But," I tell them, "I don't have a god damned pen that works, here."

"Oh tough," they say, "go get one."

But instead, I go in a shop and buy some coffee and biscuits and have fun. And, of cause, I don't write. That is really a no no for me, because if I don't write, how the hell am I gonna write that great American novel, huh?

Probably never.

My friends don't believe I can actually write, anyway. That's why I never show them my work anymore, because I know they will bring me down with telling me how crap I am at it.

They always do it. Oh, not in a nasty way. It's all one big joke with them, teasing me about it. Only sometimes those jokes backfire, right?

Is it any wonder I get depressed, huh?

Like sometimes I just wanna go drown myself in the bath. Well, no really, but you know what I mean, OK?

Anyway, about the pen, I just found an old one. And guess what, it works. Yay, so here goes writing with a pen.

Geez, now all I need is a good idea to write about.


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