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Pera's Dagger of Ice


Pera's Dagger of Ice

Chapter 1

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Pera woke up with a yawn as her mother called her to the kitchen. Outside the silver peaks where topped with snow that sparkled in the sun as the stream to the pine forest flowed calmly as the pearl white foam of the stream pushed against the flat moon white rocks. Eve scrambled around Pera's white leggings in a white lemur form and curled herself neatly on Pera's arm. Pera stared at the miror over her bedside table and a Pera stared back. Pera had silver hair that went down to her waste and she had dressed in a knitted turtleneck, and over that a long blue winter coat that was draped in a fox fur and mittens.

Her blue winter boots that went up to her knees went 'clack clack' against the spruce stairs as she hurried to the kitchen. Her two twin brothers, Harold and Montgomery, had their blond hair tucked under matching ox hide and leather hoods that shaded their husky eyes as their spirit animals sat at their leather boots, both in a shape of a sledge dog. Eve was Pera's spirit animal and each person had a spirit animal at birth if you wanted one or not. Dad had promised the boys to take them hunting for ox hides and fox furs for in a week or so they would be heading out to town in the mountains for the trade festival. The trade festival was where people all over the world brought materials to sell at a main city. The five main cities where Dulk, the city of sand, Vernite, the city of forest, Bernise, the city of water, and finally Jerico, the city of snow. Luckly, they didn't have to travel far for this trade festival for Bernise was this years city and it only was a days journey away.

Pera's mom was blond with amber eyes and her hair was twisted in curles down to her shoulders and her dad had white eyes with grey hair. Pera's mother had set down a breakfast of eggs and deer meat, that was somehow still juicy. " Pera, eat your food. " said Pera's mother. Pera chewed a scrap of deer meat but Eve ate most of it, ripping its flesh off. Pera ate all her breakfast finally and bounced to the door. But her mom stopped her," Pera!! Your not going outside, proper girls don't go outside. They stay and clean and cook!!" snapped her mom. Pera groaned but went to her room," im goning to fold my cloths mom!!" she cried as she zipped up the stairs. When she reached her room she opened her window with a creak and stepped onto the soft snow. " This is a bad idea Pera.." whispered Eve. Pera smiled," i know." she muttered into Eve's soft white wolf ear. Pera walked on the slippery white stones along the shore of the stream and followed it all the way to the forest.

But she couldn't run to where she was going without taking a day or so, so she hoped onto Eve's white wolf fur as Eve bounded through the forest, her paws making no sound at all on the soft, powdery snow. Eve came to a stop and she jumped at what she saw in front of her, standing over her like a tower of fear and wise strength.

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hope you liked this chapter im already starting chapter two and i based this off of a great series, the first book of the series is called the golden compass so check that book out!!


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hey i was thinking maybe that u guys can tell me wether to do a fnaf or harry potter fan fic put 5nights for fnaf and HP for harry potter. Thanks!! :3