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"Why do i have to come?" He asked. Not hiding his irritation. And to that, his mother give him a glare. huh! I don't fucking care.

Well of course he didn't say that out loud. Surely his father would have killed him by then.

"Because its important." She said.

"Its just a party. A birthday fucking party!"

"watch your language son" His dad chastised, slowly sauntering to them ties in hand.

"Shit. Is that a fucking TIE dad?!"

"Language son, language." His mom chided this time. "And yes TIES. That thing you put around your neck resting under the shirt collar of you--"

"I know what it is Mom. Or for what it is. And NO. I'm not going to wear one. No fucking way!" He exclaimed in horror. People may find this exaggerated but for the love of hell, ties irritates him to core. He doesn't like the feeling of having something around his neck. I feel suffocated to say the least.

"Yes you will. And you wear it now." His father throw him the black one while his mother help him knot his.

"I don't want to! Oh come on Mom, Dad! Do I really have to go? this is crazy."

"huh! do you hear your son, hon? And here I thought he loves party like you do back then."

"Oh I love parties Mom, But not this kind of party! A ball? Isn't mid-century over? Who the fucking hell--"

"Language!" His hands up. And turn around to his mother.

"Mom... Please....." He pleaded making his eyes big, pouting his lips and on his knees baby talking his mother. OK. My friends would probably disown me if they'll ever saw me tonight. A 17 years old boy wouldn't do this anymore . Not for his man pride sake. This maybe childish but he'd rather act silly than go to that birthday ball shits. Ooh that sounds like a real BULL shit.

"Stop doing that. For a 17 years old grown up boy, it's totally not adorable son. You look retarded. An ugly one at that. You will go. and that's final." My ever loving father just ruined my chance of freedom. damn.

"Come on son, you don't know you might find her tonight." Love you mom. My ever supporting mother, but...

"She WHO?"

"The One."


The ballroom is vast. Gold and black where everywhere. The stunning chandelier gives a classic touch of vintage age. Music are heard all over the room. And there he stood in his tailored suit with the tie his parents forcibly made him wore.

Scanning the dashing crowd. Looking for something that might interest him, for he is now bored to death to say the least. With only an apple juice in hand, only because he's not allowed to alcoholic drinks yet. huh. If they only knew. He walks carefully, avoiding bumping to anyone specially crashing accidentally to those drunkards lot.

Not really knowing where to go, he just walks absentmindedly following the huge pillars of the ballroom where the party took place and just looking around. This is boring.

He didn't know where exactly he is now. He guess its not that far from the ballroom since he can still heard the music clearly but not loudly. The music is fading to its ending. And right there he found an Arc outside. A garden?

Slowly he entered and at the same time another music start to play.

What he saw had took his breath away, rendered him speechless.

-I found a love for me-

In his 17 years of existence he never believe in spiritual beings that superior to humans. It change tonight.

-Darling just dive right in, and follow my lead-

There, right in front of him is an Angel.

-Well I found a girl, -

She looks younger. Her back on him. Showering in tiny drops of rain. Dancing barefooted.

Its already dark but the two lamp post on either side of her gave him enough light to see her curves that can be seen with her ankle-length white dress slightly dripping and now sticking to her body like a second skin. A gold tiara-like with small diamond stud headband atop her unravel big curls as red as wine cascaded down her back.

Though he can only see the left side angle of the said angel's sculpted heart shape face, he can still clearly see her angular cheekbones, that sturdy jawline and a small slightly dent in her chin. Has a cute freckles at the bridge of her sharp pointed nose. He's not sure what color of her orbs but its an almond shape adorned with long lashes, and a perfectly arch thick brows.

Her lips is in a perfect curve. The upper part were slim and the lower part were thick. Its luscious red, gently parted and begging to be kiss. damn.

-beautiful and sweet -

I was too dumbstruck that I didn't even realize she stop dancing already. She turned around completely facing me. He knows it rude to stare. But he cant help it.

-I never knew you were the someone waiting for me-

His eyes on hers.

-Cause we were just kids-

Her eyes on his.

-when we fell in love-

He stop breathing.

His heart pounding.

-Not knowing what it was,-

I got it wrong. He thought. Its round and big and adorned by thick long lashes. But what took his breath away is not how lovely her face or her whole being is. Its her iris. He cant take his eyes away from her orbs.

In his astonishment he didn't realize that his feet were bringing him to her.

-I will not give you up this time-

And she just stood there. Not paying any attention to the little drop of rain on her being or not even bothered by the stranger boy who is now walking slowly to her.

The boy in white dress shirt, a black tie hanging loosely in his collar's shirt and a black tailored suit. His trouser hug his long fine legs perfectly. His sleepy hooded eyes with an icy blue orbs any teens probably fell for were captivating. Chiseled jaw, and a strong roman pointed nose. A face and look like him could only be seen magazines. Perhaps he is a model. She thought. He looks older than her. May be no younger than 17 and no older than 20. Handsome and tall.

She knew its rude to stare. she can't help it. She's enchanted by his presence. And she didn't know why.

He stopped 5 inches away from her. He's taller, thus made her look up to him. He's so near she can smell his breath.


It's minty and fruity. She can taste it in her mouth. weird. Its not like we kissed. But he is too close.

-But darling just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own-

"You have purple eyes"

-And in your eyes you're holding mine-

Sound like he whispered it to his self than to her.

"And It's real." He adds.

Its not a question but an statement. To that, she just smile. It's no surprise to her. All people who sees her eyes for the first time always had that kind of reaction. After all, its very rare to have that kind of eye color. And its not like everyday you meet a fair lady with a burgundy tresses and an eyes the color of lavender.

"Im sorry to invade your space."

"nah. Im sorry you have to see that. Hope you don't traumatize seeing me crazily dancing in the rain"

-Baby I'm dancing in the dark,-

"No Harm done. It's adorable actually and sexy."

Weird. It should be awkward but surprisingly its a comfortable silence they have. Doing nothing but staring at each other.

"Would you care for a dance?"

She didn't see that coming. He didn't wait for her response. He take her two soft cold hands in her side and to his warm one. Put it to his shoulders and his in her narrow waist.

-with you between my arms-

"It's an upbeat music tho" She muse.

"Your hands are cold. My body will warms you"

He slightly carry her, enough to place her barefoot to his own. Then brace her closely to his. She looks up to him. His icy blue eyes meet her lavender one.

-Barefoot on the grass,-

The music fade and comes another song.

"Lucky us. Its Johann Pachelbel's great masterpiece." He said smilingly at her.

"It's my favorite."

-listening to our favourite song-

"Im dripping wet with my unruly hair and Im barefooted. I surely look like a total mess and not a lady a man like you should dance"

-When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath

But you heard it, darling -

"You look perfect tonight"

And his mother was right. He found The One.

*Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
Not knowing what it was*

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