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Pleasured by the Bachelor


Pleasured by the Bachelor

Chapter 1

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Music was so loud. Lights are quite colorful. Around me is turning. I'm obviously drunk.

I kept on dancing. Raising my hands up in the air and grinding my hips. I'm free.

"Hey, Lady," a hoarse voice.

I secretly mocked. Oh, gosh! Men these days.

I didn't stop from dancing despite to the fact that he's dancing too from my back.

Moment passed I felt his hands trailing down to my waist. Shaping my curves. Then felt something hard leaning against my back. This man is taking advantage, huh?

I hastily turn around to face him and to my astonishment I saw a God-like human smirking down at me. He's way taller than me and more masculine. His eyes concedes darkness. It was so menacing making my heart throbs so fast.

I haven't felt like this even to my ex-boyfriends. Fuck. Am I lusting over him? No. Not this fast.

I lifted my fingers up to his perfect-angled jaw. He's dancing sexily while I halted to my amazement towards his perfection. He's no human, he's all fictional. This is my ideal man. I am dreaming. If this dream will last after a while I would rather have sex with him.

I reached the back of his neck and pulled him down close to my face. His forehead leans against mine. Everytime laser lights hits to his eyes, it twinkled with desire.

I can now feel his hot breathe and it smells like a freaking Château D'quem. The most expensive liquor I had known.

"Kiss me," I commanded.

He left out a sexy chuckle.

"It's my pleasure, my lady."

Then his lips crashed against mine. I mumbled curses when I tasted the mix of sweetness and liquor in his mouth. I have kissed twice so I'm really not good at it.

He's moving his lips expertly. Sucks my lower lip and sometimes bit it.

"Oh," I moaned.

I felt an electricity shots directly to my system. I'm heating and... somethings gushing over my flesh.

"Moan for me, lady," he said underneath his breath.

I nod.

He plunges his tongue deep to my mouth. It flicks into different different direction as if claiming that I'm his possession.

My desires flared. I kept on moaning until it turned into a squeal when he cupped me up.

He again sealed my mouth with hot kisses as he walks to somewhere. I didn't know where we are going. All I know and want is I want his now.

I heard a loud thud, thought it was a door. Then suddenly I felt a soft thing laid in my back. I'm on bed and he's on top.

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Yow, Guys! Next Chapter will be so freaking hot. I'll continue to what these two started. Lol. Send me your perceptions so I will be inspired to continue writing. Labyu!


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