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Prince Love Story

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Prince Love Story

Chapter 1

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Part 1

Chapter 1

“You can’t stop me” I yelled toward Prince Edward. Price Edward had brown short hair with a pink strip in it. He was wearing the ‘Prince look’ outfit. He had his sword in his hand and pointing it at me. Oh, hi i’m Prince Jackson. I look just like Prince Edward but, instead of a pink strip I have a blue one. The strips are to show the colors of each kingdom. Pink for loyal, blue for trustworthy, red for anger or mad ete.

“There's nothing you can do to stop me” i yelled toward him as he lowered the sword.

“Yes there is, you don’t need to run. I can help” he yelled back.

“No, I have to run, there's no other way” i said as he got closer. We were on a cliff edge. There was only one way up or down and the way down was of course behind Edward.

“Move so i don’t have to hurt you. We can forget this ever happened” i said backing up.

“Come on” he said looking straight at me. “There is nothing to be afraid of, here take my hand” he said holding his hand out toward me. At that moment i got a warm feeling inside me. “Why should i trust you”

“Because i believe that no matter who you are there's always somebody there for you”.

I could feel my cheeks turn bright red. The warm feeling got warmer. “Please go” i said looking behind me then turning around then he did something i did not expect.

“Here take this part of a necklace. This necklace was around for more than a thousand years in my family. This holds magic called luck. I want you to have one part for a sigh of trust”. He took a heart shaped necklace off his neck. The necklace was heart shaped. The heart was purple with a zigzag line in the middle of it. Edward broke the necklace in two and gave on peace to me. That warm feeling was…..Love

Chapter 2

“Here we are” Edward said opening the careage door letting me out. As i got out there i saw a big castle with guards and birds. The castle was huge with windows everywhere you looked. There where children playing with sticks and moms rocking there badys to sleep.

“You can sleep here tonight” he said pointing to the castle.

“Thank you” i said putting on the necklace. The necklace didn’t match my clothes so i put it under my clothes. Once the necklace touched my skin it felt cold.

“I can have my mades get you a room or you can sleep…...with me? Is that ok?”

“Ya, that ok”

He lead me down a hallway that had huge paintings of his parents and their parents on the wall. The was one of paintings was Edward super young. “Man he was cute back then” i thought looking at more paintings.

“Here is my room” he said taking his shoes off and jumping on the bed. The bed had nice bedding and a top roof. The bars that hold the roof like top up had marks on them.

“May i ask but what are the marks on here” i said looking at one.

“We don’t have a sword trainer for teens yet so i practice my sword fighting on these. This is the seventh time they have been replaced” he said looking at me.

“The seventh time. Wow. so where am i sleeping?” i asked looking around. The room was big. There was a big window in front of the room with a painting of him on each side. Next to his bed there was a fireplace.That was lite with a good fire. There was a chair in a corner of the room with a painting. It was his dad. His dad was a army general. He’s dad was the best man you could ever talk to. Sadly he died being stabbed

“Your sleeping on the bed with me, silly” he said closing the door.

“Um, what's that smoke coming from” he asked me looking out the window. There was smoke rising from the west forest. My kingdom was around there and I got worried.

“I don’t know let's go check” i said looking at him with a worried face on. We ran out of the room.

“Where do we go” i asked.

“We go to my mom” he said running down the hallway we came from. “There” He pointed to a door that was open. “MOM!” he yelled going through the door. “I think there's a fire out west” he said as a butler came in.

“Ma’am there's a problem”


There's a fire out west”

“Oh go send help, now go. It must be west castle” she said as the butler left.

“Um, parten me ma’am but i’m from there can i go” i asked

“Ya, me to” he said. “You go i go” he said fisting me in the arm. Making me blush.

“Ya, go” she said. We both left at the same time. As we left i could hear a little laughter in the room we just left. It was Mrs.truelove

Chapter 3

“Oh my god my home” i said getting out.

“Mom, dad, family no” i cried dropping to the ground

“I’m so sorry” he said picking me up.

“No one survived the fire” a man said looking at the man in charge. Then he looked at me and bent down and grabbed my shoulder.

“Hey it’s ok” he said a single tear falling from his face

“Ya, it’s ok. Hey you can be with me and my family” he said looking at me with a soft face. As the man get up he patted me on the head

“My mom and dad were the only ones that knew”

“Knew what”

“My secret, the reason i ran away”

“Well i have been you friend since 4 and you help me get past my father's death, i’m going to help you get past this”

“Thank you” i said grabbed Edward and hugged him.

Thank you

Text entry 1

The first time he hugged me i admit i blushed but, he just lost his family and i don’t think this is the time to tell him. I will just wait and tell him.

Chapter 4

“It’s getting dark we should be getting back” i said to Edward.

“Ya, your right” he said getting in the careage. The whole ride was quite. When we got back i went right to Edwards room and took of everything but my underwear. And got in bed and went straight to sleep. “It’s just starting to get dark” Edward said but, i ignored him and dozed off.


I still can’t sleep but that's understandable. I just lost my family and everything i had. I’m 18 but still i’m crying hard. The blanket was completely off me and was covering one of edwards feet. I looked at him with my head on the pillow and got that same warm feeling i got on the cliff. “Is he still asleep. I don’t know” i thought then the warm feeling got over me and i kissed edward on the lips and i blushed. I laid back still looking at him. Then he kissed me back. “What the” i thought. “Are you awake edward” i asked. I could see him smiling. He got up and looked at me. “I think i can explain” i started but then he stopped me. The room was dark but i could still see the shimmer in his eyes “You don’t need to explain. I just need one thing” he said leaning up to me. He whispered to me “do you feel the same about me as i do you” OMG is he talking about love. He leaned back. I whispered “i always loved you” then i leaned over to him and hugged and kissed him. I’m smaller than Prince edward but still i got on top of him easily. We started to laugh and kiss. We kissed and kissed then went to bed

Text entry 2

Seeing my son fist his friend was a sigh telling me he liked Jackson. It was so cute. Then one of the mades told me that my son was kissing his boyfriend. I think i going to talk to Price Jackson

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Sorry for the cliffhanger and if you like I will continue the story if you like.


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