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PROLOGUE the wings that carry me now


PROLOGUE the wings that carry me now

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her mother had told her not to go outside but how beautiful it was outside and how much she loved to feel the wind on her face and the sun shining a mere light onto her wings. She frowned, why wasn't everyone able to be flying like her? Nobody else in town had been born with wings, was her wings just a mere medical incident?? She had no idea but smiled, gifted yes, that's the word. She was gifted. She felt as if god had gave her them to tell her how special she was.

Then again, god was the father of all of the villagers she lived with, so why didn't they have wings as well? A bang sounded from below and an impulse of pain throbbed in her wing, she tilted, falling down and down, beating her other wing vigorously in effort to go back up.

She awoke, a man leaned over her,shocked at the woman that fell from the sky, and a gun in his hands.

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hope you like it it's my second 'book' but i guess it's not a book. Its a prologue :)


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