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Puppeteer x Reader

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Puppeteer x Reader

by 104002958422730686291 Ebeni Butts 3 mins.

You could talk but never did you could write and draw but never did you could learn but you never did you could smile but never did the only thing you smiled about was dolls or what you call it puppets. You draw and create puppets you thought they were amazing you would stay in your room for hours to create puppets it's all you did. If someone gave you something that wasn't puppets or something to create a puppet you would throw it away or just never use it and put it under your bed pertaining it wasn't there. People made fun of you about it your dad was abusive and your mom was an alcoholic so she was always drunk and she would never know about what your dad ever did to you.

You loved one puppet that meant a lot to you, you didn't know why though you usually make puppets of people in your class or of people in your dreams but this wasn't a person. He had grey skin and his eyes and mouth was glowing bright yellow the dream was that he was killing my parents and yellow strings were coming out of his hands you didn't know what was actually happening everything went by so fast he made your parents dance and move like puppets using the strings coming out of his hands. You woke up again from your parents death dream it felt so real you wanted it to be real but it never happened you went back to sleep the man went up to you "hello I'm puppeteer" he said " I'v been in your dreams am i in your way" you shake your head he reached out his hand you took it "wise choice" he said as he took his string and barely touched my leg then poked it "ow" you said sarcastically basically telling him why did he do that he poked you harder but on the other leg you were in pain it stings like it burns like how you touch a fire.

You woke up got out of bed and realized a scare on your leg just like from the dream could i be real? you asked yourself i hope so you think again you get changed and look in the mirror "ugh" you said in annoyance you hated going to school you brought your doll that you were making "puppeteer huh" you said as you remember him tell you his name in the dream you didn't even say anything "pathetic" you called yourself. When you got to class you finished making the doll "whatcha got there a new toy" Emily says Emily was one of your bullies mostly the main one she used to to be your friend but something happen (flashback) "Emily i have a new toy" Emily looks up "of course you do you always get new toys i don't want to play with you anymore leave me alone" Emily whined you walked outside "i was going to give this to her" you said holding the doll and placing it in front of the door and rang it and ran but she never got it her mother kept it (flashback ends) Emily takes the puppet away you only made one you didn't make a copy just in case this one was special because it had yellow yarn coming out of it's hands making it look like string.

You watched her tear the puppet up "consider it a favor" she said laughing while she went to her seat you picked up the torn puppet "it's ok i'll fix you" you mumble to the puppet "look she's going crazy she's talking to a dummy" she laughed and laughed it was getting kind of annoying now you wanted to shut her up you thought there was only one way you went over to her seat and slammed you hand forming into a fist on her desk "shut up" you said angry looking down at the floor "no because your pathetic" those words made me look up at her good thing she only saw my eyes. My color of my eyes were not the same instead they were yellow bright yellow and so was my mouth "what was that" you said but at the same time you didn't a mans voice said it for you.

You shook your head your eyes and mouth were bright yellow and glowing anymore and your voice sounded the same "sorry" you mumbled and sat down what's wrong with me you thought. After school you went into the woods it made you feel comfortable you fixed the puppet and made it dance then set it on your lap you heard some rustling in the bushes you poked your head out to see what was noise. You saw it was the guy from your dreams you ran out and yelled "PUPPETEER" he turned around you both stared at each other for a little then you ran to him and gave you gave him a huge hug hoping it wasn't a dream. You let go of him he looked shocked "wha-" you interrupted "let me have a new life" you started to cry in his arms you stepped away he nodded.

He took my hand and we stayed at his house for a while more than 5 weeks now he said he had feelings for me i nodded and smiled we've been together for 8 mouths now and I can't wait until we get married.

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