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Chapter 1

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"Queen, it's time."

With that announcement, a girl who seems to be in her teens stood up from the couch and sighed. She went to a study.

She knocked on the door so her presence would be recognized. There was a man, whose back was facing her, seated on the office chair.

"Do I really have to do this, dad?" She asked, hesitation was written all over her face.

The man whom she called as 'dad' turned to face her. "You have to, Queen. It's for everyone here." He spoke, his voice stern and emotionless. He motioned to the two brown envelopes on his table.

Queen stared into his expressionless and cold eyes. "May I at least bring Kael with me?" She asked as she went to get the envelopes. "I can't do this alone."

The man turned again, so his back was facing her again. "It's better if you let him accompany you. Now leave."

With that command, she left the study without another word.

"Kael!" She shouted. Some people looked at her as they passed, however Queen didn't care. She sat on the couch that she sat at a few minutes ago.

Her eyes squinted as a guy who seems to be in his teens almost stumbled on a piece of scrap. "Yuuki," He called and bowed slightly while glaring. However, this kind of treatment was normal for them.

"Let's go, Kael," Queen stated and grabbed a jacket that was hanging from the wall. She started to walk outside.

"Where to?" Kael asked, confusion written all over his face, but still followed Queen.

"Katapangan University of Cagayan."

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