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A few nights ago, you slithered your way through my front room window while I was sound asleep. Did you know that's a felony charge? I should've weaken up when I had the chance, maybe I would've been able to fight you off, maybe I could've scared you away.

I was just so damn tired. You Crept into my home during the wee hours of the night. Crawled into my bed, under my covers, spooned me for hours.

Knowing I didn't want you.

You couldn't help but fall in love with the thought of destroying ANOTHER mind. Sinking your filthy claws into my skin so deep you pierced my bones. How did I not feel you? Why didn't I wake up? Wrapping your arms around mines as you dissolved into the flesh of my back like melting butter in a hot skillet, whispering the reason I’m not good enough in my ear as I lay sleeping.

Becoming one with me, possessing my brain, you penetrated me, you stayed in me. You even thought I was your new home. Lingering in my mind & in my heart, you never left. Rejection you need to leave, you are not welcome here. I'll be sure to lock my windows next time along with dead bolting the doors.

Rejection you piece of shit, find someone else to haunt. Rejection I hate you and your tag along friends Mr. Insecurity, sir depression, Mrs. poor choices, baby emptiness and big bad abandonment. I hate all of you, you all are the poisons mosquitoes that suck life instead of blood, leaving people dead instead of with an itch.

I wish you'd all disappear, leave my heart, leave my mind! Go away! you destroyers of the human Kind…

- Dausharae Freeman

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