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Chapter 1

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Many years ago when I was in high school I ran away from home after scoring a scholarship with a girl’s only school in London. It also had a free accommodation facility, so I left home without even telling my dad why I was leaving. I left because the school kids especially Leo bullied me to great extent. He made my life a living hell, so being the brave child I was I ran away from my problems.

After that I somehow scored another scholarship to college and did my engineering. But I missed my dad. I tried to call him and sometimes he would pick up and say hello, but I never had the guts to say anything to him. That stopped when he changed his number and I realized I missed his laugh, the way I felt so safe in his arms, his smell, everything about him and finally realized that to me my Dad only mattered. Nothing else mattered.

So here I am standing in front of his new mansion. He had expanded his business and had moved into the rich spot. The security guard after begging so much, let me in. I rang the bell and a butler opened the door. The butler looked a bit old. He was wearing a suit. He had an id tag. He had no hair, no beard or anything but he was strongly build.

“I am Sorry Madame, but Mr Roberts don’t receive guests especially at night”, he replied looking at me suspiciously.

“I have to see him”, I told him almost in tears, “Please. I am his daughter”

“No”, he said glaring at me, “Your waterworks won’t work with me. Stop lying. You seem like a nice girl, so leave before I call the police”

“No I won’t move an inch unless I see him”, I told him determined,” So get the hell out of my way”

“Now listen here you little bra...”, he said loudly losing his temper.

“James”, a voice interrupted. The voice I had heard through the phone for years. My daddy is here. My father was here. I felt so happy and scared. Would he take me back? Or would he refuse to talk to me? I had to see him.

“This annoying girl won’t leave. She is claiming to be your daughter like the others. We should call the police”, the butler said glaring at him.

He was blocking my way. I couldn’t see my father. Nobody stands between me and my dad.

“I am his daughter so move out of the way”, I whispered in a threatening voice.

“Prove it”, he challenged, “Call the police, sir. She is being difficult”

“Fine”, I heard my dad say in reply.

“Daddy”, I screamed,” I am sorry”

All the emotions came flooding in. I was happy, scared and sorry at the same time. Tears flooded my eyes as I waited for a reaction. And then it happened.

“James, let her in”, I heard him say.

The butler stepped aside to let me enter obeying his orders. He looked at me like I was going to be in trouble.

Time slowed as I entered the room, I could feel some eyes on me but they didn’t matter. His green eyes stared into my green eyes. A perfect match. I had his eyes. He had grown older. His hair well-trimmed, it wasn’t as long or messy as before. He had grown a beard which he always hated. His green eyes filled with tears just like mine. His lips curved into a smile. ”Julianna”, he whispered slowly, looking at me like I was going to fade away. He slowly spread his arms.

I burst into tears as I ran back into the arms that I missed so much. “Daddy I am sorry”, I said clinging to him, afraid to let him go, “I love you so much. I missed you.”

He kissed my face and stared into my eyes, “Don’t ever leave me again, okay?”

“I promise”, I whispered kissing my Dad’s cheek and wrapping myself in his strong, safe, secure hands.

“That’s your daughter?’, I heard the butler exclaim and I smiled from my heart, after so many years.

“Yes she is my daughter. My little baby doll”, Dad replied smiling down at me.


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