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Silver Lights

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Silver Lights

Chapter 1

It is a few hours before the sun sets and the scene of the people, mostly students, desperately wanting to have a ride to go home after a long day of work or at school can be seen on the street. Students with their backpacks, women carrying multiple grocery bags on both hands, middle aged men wearing suits having a phone call, and other kinds of people waiting for the bus to arrive is the only view Yixing has been watching from the moment he sat on the bus stop. He also need to go somewhere by this time but he decided to stay for a while and not to join the crowded bus.

It was not too long when the rain started to pour vividly. People became alarmed, rushing to find a shield to avoid getting wet. Some used their bags to cover their heads. Some got their umbrellas out. Luckily for Yixing, he brought his umbrella with him. However, his white button up polo, fitted black slacks, blank leather shoes and his well-fixed hair did not match the weather. He stands up and let out a heavy sigh.

“It’ll end soon.” He prayed to himself as he watch the raindrops from the bus stop’s shield touch his palm.

He look around and he noticed that the number of people on the bus stop lessen, but his attention was caught by someone who took his seat. Fortunately, the one next to it is vacant. He slowly and silently take a sit beside the girl who’s wearing a white dress with long sleeves, looking blankly to the ground which he assume that she will cry in a few seconds. Her straight, brownish hair blocking a clear view of her expression to Yixing. Nevertheless, he knows who she is.

“What a tough day, huh?” He said as he try to offer his handkerchief to her hand. He waited for her to respond but she just look at him in the corner of her eyes.

“It’s only been two weeks. What they did was cruel! Didn’t you know how to fight back?” He ranted. “Lucky for you I was there to save you but you just walked out. Is that how you say ‘thank you’ from your hometown?” he chuckled.

She look at him with dismay, “I’m sorry—“her voice trembled. “And thank you for what you did earlier. I don’t know how to repay you.”

“Any snack from the convenient store. I’m not that picky.” He smiled. “I’m Yixing by the way. You’re Allison right?”

“Allie” She corrected. “Just Allie.”

“Okay, Allie-- just Allie” He laughed. He stares at her for a moment, trying to remember every inch of her face; the curve of her lips, her sparkling eyes, her rosy cheek, her glowing skin as the rays of the sunlight flash her feature. He can still feel himself flushing when he looks at her, and wonder how she can do that to him. For him it’s unfair. “You really love to relive that first time we talk to each other here on this bus stop.” Yixing said, eyes still glued on her.

“Of course.” She smiled. “That’s how everything started. It’s my favorite moment with you.” Allie watch how Yixing’s smile become wider. His dimple on his right cheek, which she love to poke with her finger, pops out adding a charm on his innocent and lovely smile. She notice him blush to her words, reminding her that the sparks is still there. “Happy 4th anniversary.” Allie said, her excitement didn’t hide her expression.

* * * * *

Their story begins eight years ago. Yixing confesses his love after four years of friendship.

Those moments for the past eight years are still fresh from their memories like it only happened a few minutes ago. Among those countless times they been together, Allie always wanted to go back to the time when her and Yixing, who has a fresh bruise below his lips, on the bus stop and officially became friends. Yixing’s voice saying “I’ll be there if you need me” still echoes to her ears. From that day, she knew that she met the person who will stay on her side no matter what.

Coming from a different country, it’s not a secret that Allie is having a hard time coping up with the new environment in Korea. The culture is different from what she used to, she’s having a hard time learning the language (she only knows the basic) but luckily she went to an international school and all students speak English, and she’s getting into trouble because of simple things. Instead of helping, her classmates took the advantage of her weaknesses. The first two weeks in college seems lasted a year for Allie. She always went home with bruises neither on her arms or legs. She sometimes having an emotional breakdown because of the harsh words thrown to her by her classmates, especially the girls.

Having a soft spot to the people being bullied, Yixing didn’t hesitate to stand before Allie to the students who are giving her a hard time. He himself also experienced the same thing in high school. Little did Allie knows, Yixing already gave them a warning from the moment the bullying started. But it only lends the bullies to become more jealous of her knowing that one of the most popular guy on their school is on her side. After a week, the mean girls went a little too far for having some guys be involve on a prank they’re planning for Allie. Fortunately for her, Yixing was there but it end up with a fist fight. Until now, Allie didn’t know why she run away after that.

* * * * *

It took a month or two for the bullies to stop bothering and hurting Allie. Her body and mind can now adjust to the environment and culture she living and she can now go home without any burden. Yixing really help her a lot, from the bullies to learning the language, knowing the do’s and don’ts and everything. Allie made a few friends on their school but her friendship with Yixing grew further.

Their differences made the others question their friendship. They may both taking Communications in same collage but Yixing was on his junior year majoring Media Production and was part of the basketball team; Allie was a first year student planning to major Journalism and was wanting to be part of the school newspaper. Yixing was known to be outspoken and enjoys socializing and being part of a large group; Allie may find it hard to express herself to people and prefers to be alone in a park with book accompanying her. He always on the court playing basketball as he watch the crowd cheering for him; she often seen at the library writing articles. Yixing may pick chips and sodas for a snack; but Allie will contradicts it with fruits, yogurts, and water. Every girl in their school wants to date the star player of the basketball team; the boys did not find the writer attractive. He listens to Blink-182; she sings along with Adele. These differences never blocked their way to become closer than they imagine. In fact, they really enjoy each other’s company. There was never a dull moment when they are together. They could talk in a whole day if there’s a chance. Other people who barely know them may think that the two were a couple.

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