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Single Journey


Single Journey

Life is like an MRT ride..
It will take you to places..
It goes on smoothly
but at times a little bumpy..

It has its stops
but eventually on it goes..
It has to keep on moving to keep you in pace..
But it has its unexpected glitches you'll find yourself stuck in the middle of the trace..

Or maybe just before it begins..
Or maybe just before you reach its end..
You can always plan to stay ahead of it..
But you can never say.
You could only pray..

You're lucky to find it half empty..
I'm sorry most of the times it's not enough to say they're plenty..
You'd find so many faces along the way..
But to know one by name is rare..

Some rides to start their day..
Some rides to call it a day..
You all ride the same train..
But each has his own stories to share..

Some makes it to their destination just in time..
Some couldn't make it they'd have to pay another dime..
But despite the starts and stops..
Smooth trips and glitches..

Single trips or stored value tickets..
The journey goes on..
The MRT train moves on..
Near or far

It will take you there..
No matter where..
Every ride is an adventure..
Just ride on and have a safe trip my friend..

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scotchxsoda @scotchxsoda
Was that MRT line 3? lol. Nice poem by the way. :)
Kim @Arkin27

Line 1.. Haha.. Thanks.. :)