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So Called Me Trapped in the One and Only Twilight Saga


So Called Me Trapped in the One and Only Twilight Saga

Chapter 1

S o C a l l e d M e
- I am just me, fun right?

"When you found yourself alone in the dark place, don't find the light. Light will come to you." ~Sylvania Frost


[Chapter 1: Little Mushroom, Be Safe]

*Third Person's P.O.V.

She was locked inside an attic,
A cold and dark attic, feeling sudden fear and anxiety..

She couldn't move, hope is disappearing like the light through the small window in the attic..

The bruises in her fragile body remained in a blue-violet color.

Every pain she felt were soon lingering in her mind, the memories of her family remained at the back of her mind..

The darkness crept slowly and painfully in her life..

A small part of her has still hope, but in smaller quantities, that were to disappear nonetheless.

The faint but bittersweet memory of her mother came haunting her,
"Don't loose hope and that hope shall be the light in your dark path of life." But yet her mothers saying was fading away and nowhere to be found.

The horrible bittersweet image of their disappearance won't go away in her innocent little mind.

It keep repeating and repeating like a broken record.

Instead of thinking about fashionable dolls and giant fluffy unicorns, she's only beholding one thing, fear.

Fear of course scare the shit out of her poor unfortunate soul.

Fear that gives her pure heart pain.


"My Little Angel, shh. You go stay here, mommy loves you okay. Don't go out baby." Her mother whispered softly kissing her forehead tenderly. Little Fiona nodded in response.

"We should go, Anne!" Her dad whisper-yelled reaching out for her daughter.

"Little Mushroom, father loves you. We're gonna go to protect you okay, be safe." Her father said softly and he hugged her petite frame and while he brings out a pink rose detailed box that contains rose gold necklace with a shiny little butterfly pendant that has a sparkly little diamond in the middle.

Her father put the golden necklace around Fiona's little neck.

He just kissed her forehead and flashed a smile that doesn't reach his eyes, it seemed genuine but mixed with grief.

Her mothers tears fell but was quickly wiped by her fathers thumb.

With that they turned their backs, leaving her, alone.. It came before her eyes a--

*Fiona Angelica Pierre's P.O.V.

With my nightmare, I jolt awake. Feeling the intensity of pain and grief in the air even I'm alone. I'm all sweaty.. All these nightmares won't leave me alone. A past that burdens our souls kept on hunting me. That should be long gone. Long, long gone..

Until I felt myself crying from everything.

I remembered when I was little, every time I got a tiny little wound and I would cry, and my mother would rush to me and ease the pain.. She would hum my favorite song and give me a fruity popsicle to stop me from crying. She would hold me in her arms, how I'd wish for someone to hold me in their arms..

When my birthday came I cried because my ice cream fell on the floor. What my dad just did was to dance with his little girl. While my mother is fondly taking pictures of me laughing.
They would always comfort me. What I didn't knew, they were to leave me, and disappear.

The past wasn't that clear, but my mind did understand and comprehend everything that's happening.
Even though they did leave me, I still have love for them.
What I just did was move on from the bitter sweet past.

Now, I'm stronger, I'm better, and I'm smarter.
I promise that I'll never give up, no matter what. I would never loose.
After moments of thinking.. Staring at the white and blank ceiling,
I just decided to go back to sleep again.

But you know what?
I just tossed myself around the bed,
I couldn't sleep..
I can feel the uneasy feeling about something I couldn't dig into.. I just decided to get some fresh air. But drink water first. My throat is dry ya know..

So I slipped on my 'fluffy' unicorn slippers. Which I considered girly but cute.

Then, I opened the door, of course. Can I get through it?

With it slightly creaking open. I walked out the wooden door. Then, I fastened my pace to get to the kitchen quickly.

When I reached the kitchen, I hurriedly got a glass and went for the pitcher in the fridge. After I drank water, I cleaned the glass and put it back in the rack. And went back to my room.

First, I went inside the bathroom. Brushing my teeth, feeling the minty taste of my toothpaste and the tingling but irritating feeling of the toothbrush. I also checked my face for any dirt and washed it. I'd pee, then wash my hands.

I went back to my bed. I slipped on a pair of jeans and a plain (You decide what color) shirt. I wore my socks and went for the shoe rack that has my black high cut converse sneaker, then I wore it. I grabbed my bag that is sitting on the nightstand and closed the lights.

I went for the coat rack and wore my leather jacket. Feeling a bit of warmth from my jacket, I grabbed the keys and checked the back door, windows and etc.
With my contentment, I walked out the house and looked the front door.

Feeling the cold breeze of winter.
I shuddered slightly and hugged my jacket closely around me. I twirled the car key with my fingers and pressed the unlock button of my keys. When I heard the beeping sound, I opened the car door and stepped inside. I placed the keys on their right place. I stepped on the gas pedal and drove to the 'hidden' garden,

I inherited that place from my mother.

It's just a few blocks away.

End Of Chapter One.

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