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Sold to 5 strange boys


Sold to 5 strange boys

My name is Abbie and this is my story to tell you how i met my amazing husband named Niall.


'Mom hurry up im gona be late'

'Hold on'

I was on my way to school when i saw this boy sitting on the curb it looked like he has ketchup on the side of his mouth. I get out of the car and smile at boy he had nice hair it was brown in a quiff. I think he's in my math class. I was on my way to my locker when some one grabbed me and pulled me in to a teachers classroom, i look at who it was and it was that boy that was sitting on the curb this morning.

Louis POV

wow that girl that looked at me was cute maybe i can take her to ashton and see if she is good to action off. All the boys would like her.

Abbie's POV

I woke up in a bed but it was'nt my bed i looked at the alarm clock and it was 2 pm.

I get up and walk to the door, open it and walk down the stairs and i see the kid that brought me in the closet. I feel my blood boil and i was about to go off on him when he looks at me and smiles 'Hey cutie your up i should probably intraduce myself i'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson.' 'Well hello Louis, i'm Abbie'

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Haris @Tommy
pls continue...its really good
Brandy @brandycarringer
I Loved it you should continue it
Jocelyn @Jocey90
Rae-Anne @RGirl
tazia @Bonnie
i love it. please continue to write more stories.
jazmin @jaz_loves_to_read
you should make more books, this is my fifth time reading this haha
Ahuly @ahulypichardo
Its goodddd😊 caught me by surprise with the louis thing😂 wasnt expecting it to be about one direction