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Sonic in Equestria:Fast Friendship Episode 1

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Sonic in Equestria:Fast Friendship Episode 1

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Our story begins with a blue a blue hedgehog speeding by.He was humming a song.His name was Sonic the Hedgehog.

Our decides that he needs a break and heads to his best friend or you can say brother.

Sonic:Yo Tails,long time no see!

Tails:Hey Sonic! Glad to see you! Come on in I have something to show you!

*Sonic walks in Tails' workshop following Tails*

Sonic:So what do you want to show me?

Tails:Well I've been working on a machine that could bring us anywhere! With it sneaking into Eggman's base would be easy!

Sonic:Wow that could really help!

Tails:It's powered by a Chaos Emerald.

Sonic:Cool! I happened to have all seven,so how we go give Egghead a visit?

Tails:Sure! Just put the Emerald in the slot over there.

*Tails points to a spot in the machine that had the shape of a Chaos Emerald*

*Sonic puts the emerald in*

Tails:You can take it out now,the machine has enough energy.

*Sonic takes out the emerald*

Sonic:So,are we ready to go?

Tails:Yeah it should be easy since we've been to the base before.We just have to get past the security system.

Sonic:I'll go get a chili dog or two.

*Sonic zooms off to a chili dog stand*

Meanwhile in Equestria

We find Twilight reading a book about....umm..Magic!

*Twilight hears a knock on her door and gets up to answer it.

Twilight opens the door to see Rainbow Dash

Twilight:Oh hey Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash:Hey Twilight. Me and the others are having a picnic outside of Ponyville,you and Spike wanna come?

Twilight:Sure! Let me finish this book first.

Rainbow Dash:Of course,what else was I suppose to expect you say.

*Rainbow Dash flew off to go get Rarity,who she knew was going to be an issue.

Twilight:Spike! Get ready for a picnic!



Applejack:It sure is hot today.

Spike:Agreed *Reaches for a drink*

Rainbow Dash:It feels like Celestia moved the sun to hard and it got mad and this is our punishment.

Pinkie Pie:Don't blame the princess! Blame the writer!

Don't bring me into this

Everyponyp stared at Pinkie for a few seconds.

Meanwhile in Mobius

?:If I can't take over Mobius I'll take over a different World!

?:And how are you going to do that?

?:Oh you'll see Cubot

?:But for now,buckle up,because we're going on a little trip!

?:But there are no seatbelts boss.

?:Shut it Orbot! Prepare the ship.Make sure you make seatbelts!

?:Does he even know how?



At that the machine activates and a portal to Dr.Eggman's base.

The two heroes jumped in.

But little did they know,they jumped in at the wrong time.

Dr.Eggman's Egg Carrier was going through time and space.

They then end in an unknown area.

Sonic:Okay,we're on Egghead's ship,lets go find him.

Tails nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile in Equestria,the Mane Six we're just finishing up the picnic but then a shadow was above them.

Pinkie Pie:Who turned out the lights?!?!

Fluttershy:I-I'm scared. The pony said nervously.

When the Mane Six looked up they saw a giant battleship.

Rarity:What in Equestria is that?

Rainbow Dash:I don't know!

Rainbow Dash:Twilight,can you teleport us up there? *Pointing her hoof at the ship*

Twilight:I don't know I do'


Rainbow got up in Twilight's face

Pinkie Pie:Hey that's my favorite meme!

Spike:Your favorite what?

Pinkie Pie:Oh nothing!

Twilight:Fine..I'll try.

Fluttershy:I'll be go-

It was to late. Everypony was sent to the Egg Carrier.

With Sonic and Tails

Tails:Hey Sonic you have the emeralds right?


Tails:You can turn Super and make this quick then.

Sonic:Good Idea

The 7 Chaos Emeralds came out of Sonic's Spikes. His fur turning yellow,and his spines sticking up.Sonic's eyes turned red and he quickly gained a boost of power. Sonic then turned Super Sonic who was no faster than light and could fly.

Super Sonic grabs on to Tails' hand and zoomed through the base.In seconds flat they found Eggman.

Eggman knew Sonic was coming and he was already in his robot suit.

Seeing Sonic in his super form didn't give Eggman much confidence but he wasn't going to give up.

Sonic noticing where he was he assumed he wasn't in Mobius.

Well Eggman,see your trying something different.Sonic said.

Eggman:I see you noticed.If I can't take over Mobius then I'll take over ummm...uhh...THIS WORLD!

Super Sonic:Are you gonna do the same thing you did to my world?Grab animals and turn them into robots? Not gonna let it happen Egghead. Not in any world!

Eggman:You may have the emeralds but your still not gonna beat the Egg Dragoon!

Super Sonic:That old thing?Please! Try something new! Sonic starts to laugh.

Fluttershy:Does he actually turn animals into robots?!?!A small tear came out of her eye.

Rainbow Dash:I'm not sure,but if he does he's probably the bad guy.

Super Sonic:Time to scramble some Eggman!Super Sonic style

In seconds the fight was over and so was the Egg Carrier.!!

Eggman:What are you doing?!Your destroying my base!

Super Sonic:Sorry! Guess i broke the toys! Sonic joked.

Eggman was then kicked by Super Sonic and was sent flying in his Egg Dragoon.

Eggman: I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tails:And he's blasting off again!

Super Sonic:We should get out of here.The ship is going down.

While the two are flying off the ship that was about to hit the ground Tails noticed something.

Tails:Hey Sonic! There are 6 ponies and and a little dragon on the Egg Carrier! We need to get them off!

Super Sonic:Tails you must be seeing things.

But when Sonic looked he found out he was right.

Super Sonic rushed to the screaming ponies and dragon and when he was close he yelled.


They appeared on the ground near Tails.

Tails:Nice one Sonic!

Sonic then transforms into base form and gave Tails a high five.

Sonic:Where did the Chaos Emeralds go?

Where did the Chaos Emeralds go?

Tails:I think they seperated again.

Sonic:Darn,we're going to be stuck here for awhile. Anyway where are we?

Twilight:Your in Equestria.

Sonic:Oh I forgot about you ponies..and dragons?

Sonic:Tails I think I'm seeing things.

Tails:No they look pretty real.

Sonic:Okay then..I'm Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog.

Tails:I'm Miles Prower,but you can call me Tails.

Tails:You are?

Twilight:I'm Twilight Sparkle

Rarity:I'm Rarity.

Applejack:Mah name is Applejack

Spike:My name is Spike.

Rainbow Dash:I'm Rainbow Dash,fastest flyer in Equestria.

As soon as Rainbow Dash said that Sonic was about to challenge her to a race but Tails gave him a certain look that meant don't do it man.Sonic decided to keep his mouth shut and let the others introduce them selves.

*After the other ponies introduce themselves*

Sonic:Nice to meet you all.

Tails:You said we were in Equestria right?


Pinkie Pie:Did you know you would be here for a few chapters?!!

Sonic & Tails:What?

Pinkie:Oh nothing!

Tails:Anyways we need to find the Chaos Emeralds Sonic!

Sonic:Your right!

Before anypony could say anything thing,the Hedgehog and Fox were gone

Applejack:Whoa there fast fellas!

Rainbow Dash was thinking about Sonic.She thought he looked kind of cute and decided to follow them a few seconds after.

Rainbow Dash:I'll go follow them!

Tails:If we want to find the other Chaos Emeralds we need to find one. If we do I can use the Miles Electric to find the rest!

Sonic:It's getting kind of late so I think we should start our search tomorrow.

At that the two turned around and headed back to the group of ponies running past RD.

Rainbow Dash:Darn it.

So RD went back.

Sonic:Does anyone have a place to stay? Me and Tails could use one.

RD:You can stay at mine place!

Sonic:Thanks Rainbow Dash! Where exactly is your place?

Rainbow Dash then points to her home town in the air with her hoof.

Rainbow Dash:Thats Cloudstale,my home town.

Tails:Thats where were staying?Cool!

Sonic:Way past cool!

Rarity:I'm going home. It was nice meeting you two.

Twilight:Yeah it was. Thanks for saving us.

Sonic:No problem. If i wasn't for Tails,I wouldn't even know you were there!

Pinkie Pie:Yeah! We should throw a welcome party!

Sonic:Hey Tails can you fly me up to Cloud umm Cloudstale?

Fluttershy:Wait you can fly?

Tails:Yeah!I can use my Tails to fly high and fast! Thats how I got my nickname too!

Fluttershy:Thats amazing! I've never seen animals that could fly with tails!

Sonic:And I've never seen talking ponies!

Tails: See you later!

Sonic: Man this place is high up!

Tails:You live here?

RD:Yep!I'm proud of it.

They head to RD house and go in.

Sonic:Nice place you got here.

RD:Thanks *blushes*

(I have no idea what RD's house looks like*)

Sonic Sleeps on one couch and Tails sleeps on the other.



RD:Don't let the be- couch bugs bite.


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