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Sophisticated Sophie


Sophisticated Sophie

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Beautiful is the girl who is happy and contented with herself.... She is a rose who blooms in beauty even in the bitterness of the cold weather.

Sophie is never the so-called "average teenager girl". She is way more than that. A girl mixed with sophistication, mystery and beauty all rolled into one lady. People don't really understand her most of the time because her aura is filled with such mystery that only she knows. Sophie doesn't really appreciate being in a large group of people. She would rather spend time with her few friends that you can count by just using your bare fingers. Her unique personality is what makes her the Sophie she is.

She wears confidence, determination and power in her sleeves. The world may try every way to bring her down to her knees but her strength just keeps on building up the more pain she feels. Most of the average girls may easily fall in love with typical boys who gives chocolates and flowers. When it comes to her, boys can't even lay a single hand on her heart. She just can't stand typical attitudes of boys just like that; she deserves a whole lot more. She needs a man and not some boy who will just waster her for nothing special.

She is not a girl because her name is for a lady of passion and strength. Contented of what she have, her priceless smile describes her happiness and contentment. Walking over people who never believed in her makes her soul feel empowered because she managed to rise over those who brought her down. With a single flip of her long black hair, she just means that you shouldn't get in her way. Positive in all ways, she feels comfort in inspiring people to be themselves just like what she did to make it this far in her life.

Never try to ever bring down that lady or else you will get what you deserve. I am Sophisticated Sophie.

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