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Soul gardens


Soul gardens

Tread lightly,

little flower

let the petals caress your cheeks

take the skeleton key and gently slide it into the lock

let the bricks, aching with age let you pass

the rusted door slide open, so slowly

the weeds entangle your bare feet, cold and blue

The oxidization of copper door knobs as you follow the maze deeper

creeper, little flower so fresh and young

what are you looking for?

beneath the cemetery walls, where broken flowers come to meet

the willow tree the bends and dances in the light

and the clouds are a hush within the wind

what do you see, deep down, when you peer past the end?

is there light? is there day?

put the key back, close the door, let yourself back out

and visit the wonderland another day.

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Danielle Willard


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lionel @lionelwalfish
I like this very much !!!
Danielle @daniellewillard

Thank you so much :D