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Spiritdimension Neptunia Frontier

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Spiritdimension Neptunia Frontier

Chapter 1

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In a dimension that's similar to yours, There was a realm that resides in all your Gaming Consoles and Video Games.

This realm was aptly named "Gamindustri", and was formed by four landmasses with a CPU on each one.

Yet, something terrible happened.

The Deity of Sin came back with much greater numbers and waged an all-out war against Gamindustri.

The citizens were immediately evacuated to another safer dimension with the designation of "UD-1989".

Meanwhile, the CPUs and Candidates fought valiantly against the forces of the Deity, but they all perished, leaving their spirits behind.

As I knew all these things, I formed The Resistance underground.

IF, Compa and the rest of the survivors that still believe in the Goddesses expressed their very faith and with my help, I was able to successfully synthesize and form a Sharicite.

Despite all of that, I cannot bring back the CPUs from the dead, yet there is only one way to return them.

In all these desperate times, I was forced to call for help in the most unlikely realm.

The "VR Dimension" as we call it, but you may call this realm as "Earth".

I chose four young teenage girls to wield the power of the Candidates and the CPUs themselves.

Alexandra "Alex" Rose, a simple human girl living a simple life.

She is destined to wield the Spirits of Planeptune and transform into Purple Sister and Purple Heart.

Lara Strife, A girl who leads a small circle of friends.

She will possess the Spirits of Lastation which can shift her into Black Sister and Black Heart.

Hotaru Iwata, A shy and meek pacifist student.

She will soon get the Spirits of Lowee and switch between two forms of White Sister, and White Heart herself.

Maya Valera, a tomboyish girl with a huge knack for adventures.

She will gain the Spirits of Leanbox and transform into a seemingly younger version of Green Heart which is cleverly named as "Green Sister", and into Green Heart as well.

I used the very sharicite that the resistance synthesized in order to summon these girls into our realm, and changed their phones into something called a "Digivice".

These very Digivices can also purify the corruption caused by the DoS Army.

My name is Histoire, and this is a tale of how four normal human girls from another dimension evolved into CPUs and saved our realm from the Deity of Sin.

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The CPUs and their Sisters are dead, but their Spirits live on. It is now up to Four Girls from the VR dimension (Read: Earth) to utilize those spirits to take Gamindustri back from the Newly revived Deity of Sin. -- Made with SMXSonic on ff.net, SB, SV and AO3.


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