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Stars Have Wishes Too


Stars Have Wishes Too

Chapter 1

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“Star light…

Star bright…

The first star I see tonight…

I wish I may…

I wish I might…

Have the wish I wish tonight…”

A maiden softly whispered her chant into the thin air, standing alone by the tussock grasses below the high land, where her noble family’s manor reside. Closing her eyes, she tried organizing her thoughts only to her desires. She is a daughter of an elite family, yet her life is still short of satisfaction.

I just happened to be the first star she saw that nightfall.

I used to think that being a star is something praiseworthy and remarkable. When I was still young of a creation, faint glowing dust in the universe, I admired how older stars grow brightly high and low. Then I would always say, “I want to be like them! Someday, I'll glow brighter than all the rest!” The star beside me, that might have been hundred years older, said that I mustn't be too greedy for I might regret. Older stars have told me of the rules the star and the wisher must follow. There are also certain drawbacks that we have to accept.

First rule, the wish must be something they truly desire.

Second, the wisher must not tell any other soul about it.

Third, they must believe that the wish will come true. If not, the wish will be ignored.

Fourth, no matter how despoiled the wisher’s desire is, the star must grant it.

Fifth, only one wish can be granted by a star.

And lastly, stars cannot have wishes granted for themselves.

The ghastly drawbacks that we have to face during and after the granting of wishes are three.

One, when a wisher recites the chant to us, we will eventually fall down on Earth and may never be able to return back to the sky.

Two, we have no right to raise a remonstrance about the wisher’s desire because we are only serving to fulfill their wishes.

Third, the power of the crash depends on the size of the wish. The greater the wish, the greater the damage we will take on impact.

After knowing all these elusive information about how our lives can be at stake, I realized that burnishing my brightness will be all for naught. The brighter star you are, the more the wisher would recognize you in the sky and pick you as their wish carrier. But as this maiden cries out to me and beg to carry out her wish, my inner luster just wants to shine brighter for her.

“I wish I was the one who died instead of my sister.”

Turned out that only the star selected by the wisher can see the reason behind their desires. So I learned that my wisher had a difficult life even with all the luxury. Her father was violent while her mother was spiteful, but both are industrialists hence the source of their wealth. Her elder sister was the only person she was comfortable with. Her sister was also the only child her parents were proud of since she was sophisticated and excellent in everything. But a third party outside the household became jealous and slaughtered her sister. After her sister’s death, her parents gave her all the pressure of becoming a ‘perfection’, in which she has to be exactly like her sister. Sometimes, her parents would call out her sister’s name instead of hers. For every mistake she committed, her father would smite her with whatever object he could find. Since then, she unconsciously held a grudge towards her elder sister for being too perfect. As soon as she realized her anger, she despised herself. She loves her sister. To hate her sister is just like killing her twice.

That night when she cited her wish, I didn’t want to grant it. It's reckless of her. I dreamt of granting wishes like a new friend, better grades, good health, and all that, not like this. But the rules are absolute and the stars had no right to disobey the request of the wishers. If I could, I would have wished she desired something else. All I could do was talk to her in her sleep, telling her that it wasn't the only option she had, that she could always choose to continue living for her sister’s dreams instead. “Or live free,” I whispered.

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This is supposedly another one-shot. But because of the 1500 word limit, I have to cut it and add a part two for the continuation. I wrote this last year and I edited only few parts of it. Please give me your comments about my writing and storyline! And please continue reading the part two!


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