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Study Night


Study Night

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Mia shrieked in excitement at the screen in front of her, squeezing her pillow. She clapped her hands at the last episode of the series she started watching a night before. As usual, it was the cliché happy-ever-after ending. They’re so perfect for each other, she fantasized beneath those two dark circles. She glanced at the time displayed on the screen. Shoot, it’s already four in the morning!

She spent two nights over a series and in order to finish them early before the midterm examination, she forced herself to pull it off all-night. For Mia, it was nothing, but to her roommates, it was bothersome. Having a college girl up all night fangirling and screaming like the house was on fire was surely making it difficult for them to sleep.

When Mia finally turned her laptop off, Abigail rubbed her eyes, hoping she heard wrong. Alas, she opened her eyes and caught Mia taking away the portable computer. “Oh no,” Abigail heavily sighed and sat up. She held her head and made a face, “Don’t you have a 7:30 class later?”

Mia sheepishly nodded and replied, “I couldn’t help it. Sorry for waking you up.”

Abigail only gaped in disbelief and scoffed at her before going back to her dreamland. Mia only had three and a half hours left before her first morning class.

She woke up that morning fifteen minutes before the time. She rushed to shower in only three minutes, put on her school uniform, brushed her teeth, and not even thinking of getting breakfast for the third day. Abigail kept on shifting in her bed behind all the chaos Mia was experiencing. Nevertheless, Mia went out of that room just in time to make it to her morning class and then there was another chaos coming up.

Quiz. Effing important quiz. Tomorrow! It had to be tomorrow! If she was going to fail this one (again), she will have to retake that class. There was nothing to debate over. SHE HAD TO PASS THAT QUIZ.

No movie marathons, no hangouts, no binge-eating, no distractions! Study if you don’t want to repeat that class, Mia. Yes, study, she thought to herself as she waited in line in the canteen.

“Wasn’t it the perfect ending?” The girl behind her smiled as she glanced to her. It was one of her classmates in the afternoon classes, particularly the person who recommended the series to her. “I know another good one. Do you wanna come over and watch together?”

Yes, Mia thought but she shook her head. “Can’t. Quiz.” Without waiting for the girl’s reply, she left that line in dejection, leaving her acquaintance feeling apologetic. Skipping lunch for today is fine too.

And just as she was embracing the depressing atmosphere, an arm grabbed her neck that almost made her choke. “Mia~ I heard from Abigail you slept late again. Are you punishing yourself?”

“I don’t need to hear that from a hard core gamer who doesn’t sleep five days in a row,” Mia responded sharply and tossed away the person’s arm.

“Oho. Let me guess. Is it that time? No, no, I know. Quiz.”

The frustrated Mia faced the individual. “Lucas, go away. Please? I’m so tired, my head is ringing!”

“Woah. You never study anyways, so why are you so concerned? You can just answer all the questions!”

“If I fail the last quiz for the midterm, I might end up retaking it, okay?! Oh God... My head hurts...”

“I can help you study tonight. How does eight o’clock sound?”

“No. Tch.” Mia started walking, ignoring Lucas’ yammering behind her.

“If you change your mind, just call or text me!”


Mia arrived at the dormitory. She shut the door behind her and collapsed to the floor. Abigail, who also just arrived a few minutes earlier, gasped in shock. “What are you doing scaring me like that?! Ugh...”

“I have four quizzes tomorrow. I understand and remember nothing!” Mia whined and started cussing.

“Language, please.” Abigail was a year older and so she tends to maintain order and control in their room. “What about Lucas? Isn’t he like a genius?”

“It is not like, he is,” Mia corrected. She banged her forehead against the floor numerous times. “He offered to help me but I don’t want to owe that jerk...”

Abigail shrugged and shook her head. Then she mumbled. “You just wasted his opportunity.”


“Nothing. I just thought it might have been good if you took his offer. I mean, we can’t help you because we have different majors. And you don’t have enough friends, yes?”

Mia curled her eyebrows, not believing what she just heard. It was very rare for Abigail to start pointing out the shortcomings of a person. This time, it’s likely she’s being lectured. “Go, I want to see you putting real effort. Text him.” Now, that was a command.

Even against her will, if it was for her own good, she’ll have to accept whoever’s hand is extending and not being picky. Putting weight onto her fingers, she started texting Lucas for SOS and sent the message. As if the receiver on the other end was expecting the signal, Lucas replied in a split-second.

Pigheaded Lucas: So eight o’clock is still good? :)) Meet you at the cafe.
Mia Stupidus: -_- Whatever.

Mia stood up and started taking important study materials and shoved them inside her bag. “I gotta go. I have to be at their cafe by eight.”

“Ooh~ Study date?” Abigail teased.

“We’re just going to study.”

“Ha. It’s never just studying.”

Mia stopped. “Do you want me to take his offer or are you just going to force me to decline?”

Abigail raised her arms in defeat and zipped her lips. As Mia finished preparing, she trotted to the door and left without farewell greetings.

Woah. You never study anyways, so why are you so concerned? You can just answer all the questions!

Answer all the questions, my foot. He totally forgot who is the genius one between us. Yet Mia walked that night towards the meeting place with a huge grin.

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This was my first draft so I'm sorry if there are grammatical errors and if the narration was bland. I planned on letting this remain as a one-shot. But I can also continue it if the readers are curious. Please leave your thoughts of the writing and story; it'll help me improve as a writer. Thanks!


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Cheshire @Cheshire Cat
I like your writing! Actually, the narration is not bad, could use some figures of speech (i.e: simile, metaphors, synecdoche) but still good nonetheless imma wait for next chap'er x3
Luna @LunaMoonGirl

THANKS SO MUCH. Will keep that in mind.

PissedButMissed @#armyforlife
I think this is an awesome first chapter! Please continue this story <3 I wish I could offer more meaningful feedback, but I'm a novice myself. The only thing I would say that the flow seemed a Maybe it was your sentence structuring? Also if you are planning on keeping this as a one-shot, then maybe add a little more to the plot? Like include a snippet of Lucas and Mia's meeting later on? Because otherwise the story may seem a little empty. Other than that, you have got good dialogue, likeable characters who have great chemistry together and a promising start to what could be an awesome story. Keep it up!