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3 mins.

Style and Creek Oneshots and more{south park}


Style and Creek Oneshots and more{south park}

Chapter 1

by 115529058251210705166 Raelynn Swartz 3 mins.

Chapter 1 Creek-Bath time

Craig’s POV’

“Tweek were almost there don’t worry “ I said reassuring my boy friend who was shivering from the cold I took off my jacket and handed him it “T-hanks Cra-ig” Tweek stuttered putting the jacket on I looked down at my cute boy friend wearing my jacket and hat he looks adorable “I wonder what he would look like without his clothes on “ I thought to myself we finally reached my house and I took Tweek up to the bathroom for he could take a bath since some jackass wanted to splash us with dirty oil water from the street we were both dirty so I was gonna take a bath after him my boy friend started to take off his clothes and he got in the bath I didn’t notice I was drooling looking at him with lust filled eyes Tweek seemed to notice cause he started to blush I smirked at this and walked to the bath taking off my clothes I got in the bath with him “Hey Craig can you wash my back” Tweek asked I complied by washing his and my own back I didn’t notice where I was sitting until I felt something hard under neath me I turned around {SMUT!} and looked at Tweek and his hard member I started to drool I reached over kissing him on the lips I licked his bottom lip for premisson which he wouldn’t give me so I squeezed is butt I then heard a gasp so I slipped my toughe in his mouth both of us fighting for dominance which of course i won I then started to kiss his neck nibbling at his soft skin “Mmm Craig” Tweek moaned I felt myself getting hard at his beautiful moans I then started to leave hickeys down his neck and jawline I got to his nipples I started to squeeze lick and suck on causing him to let out more of his beautiful moans I started to trail kissed down his body when he all of a sudden jerked away smirk on his face.

Tweek’s POV

I jerked away before he could coutinue feeling his hard member against my thigh the bubbles all around our bodys I got on my knees letting a little bit of water out of the tub I looked down at his member it was all ready hard I smirked at this “Wow Craig your all ready hard for me huh?” I asked a playful tone in my voice I didn’t give him time to speak I picked up his member and licked the tip causing him to growl “Stop teasing me “ he growled out I complied by putting as much of his 13 inch dick in my mouth I pumped the rest I couldn’t fit I started bobbing my head up and down as fast as I can hearing he sexy moans “Im-m Gon-na “ he came in my mouth which I swallowed his sweet juices he then grabbed me by the waist I obliged by sitting on his lap facing him “ I wanna ride you Daddy “ I said knowing he likes being called that he nodded his head he lowerd me on his dick then he started to thrust as I road him “MMMM Tweek your so tight “ Craig moaned as I kept bouncing on his dick I felt my climax coming “Craig im going to - “ I was cut off with him saying “Me too” then we both came I got off of Craig barely even standing “I love you Tweek” Craig said smiling at me “ I love you too Craig “ be both took a shower together got dressed and went to sleep on his bed I snuggled closer kissing his forhead “I love you” I felt him smile against my back ~The next morning ~

I got up Craig by my side then there was a knock on the door Craig covered me with a blanket why he put his robe on we answered the door to see Clyde with Token “Hey guys what’s up “ I asked as I started to spaz a little “uh so you and Craig got it on last night “ I felt my face start to get hot “How did you know that “ Craig asked his face also red “ We heard Tweek Moaning your name yelling Daddy” I went full on red trying to hide my face Craig smirked at me I didn’t think I could get any redder but I managed to “Okay thanks for telling us Tweek was being loud now we half to go bye” Craig said slamming the door in there face I laughed at this and went to go make coffee i sat with Craig on the couch and we watched red racer.

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