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Growing pains,

self refrain,

don't let them see you smile

awkward and gangling limbs that trip

you slip up, spill stuff, blush and slip twice

you kiss your hand, you practice in the mirror,

but the fear of interactions grow so

you curse, you smirk, you show them your best

best of what? imitations?

of self respect?

go through life in such a blur,

teenage years felt so bitter sweet

searching for the constant nature of the beast,

and craving self validation

what do you seek, little adventurer?

is it adulthood that you chase?

while you're after something more than youth,

don't let that imagination go to waste.

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Danielle Willard


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lionel @lionelwalfish
Danielle, I've just read all of today's posting that you've submitted. You truly have a special gift of writing from within and from the heart. It's a very rare talent. A talent that I've not come across on too many occasions. Keep it up..it's very special !
Danielle @daniellewillard

You have no idea how much that means to me, to have such people like you appreciate what I have t See more

Mimi @mimidey
Another fine tale :)
Danielle @daniellewillard

Thank you Mimi! :)