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The Adventure of a Lifetime

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The Adventure of a Lifetime

by User avatar 1520897956 Mark Riles 5 mins.

[I… I don’t know what to say.One minute,I was in my living room playing Battlefield 1,when I decided for some reason to open up Blob-An Adventure of a Lifetime,and now…I’m…In the game!I’m made of pixels!This is so embarrassing.Well,at least I have my phone and some other things.I guess I should start finding a way to get outta here.I feel pretty vulnerable.END DAY 1. SAVING GAME…]


[I found a forest.That’s pretty awkward considering I started out in a desert…Oh well,I’m gonna see if I can find a shelter of some sort.(30 MINUTES LATER)Ooh!This is new!I can double jump!That’ll be useful later on.Anyway,I wasn’t able to find anything,but I did find what appears to be a door in a piece of wood.Wonder what that could be…(DOOR OPENS){?:Hello!What are you doing in front of my home?}Yipe!Where did you come from?!{?:Oh,I guess you didn’t see my door open.}Yeah,I think.By the way, who are you,what are you,and why are you following me?{?:My name is Flurry.I’m a will o'wisp,and I’m following you because I think you’ll need the help.}Alright, sounds about right. C’mon!{Flurry:Just a reminder,this forest is filled with all kinds of monsters that the Final Boss has spawned ever since he took over.}Final Boss?{Flurry:Yeah,he’s also called Finite. Don’t know why.Back to the point,Use your machete to fight the monsters.Consider yourself lucky that the monsters in this forest have low ATK(ATTACK)and HP(HEALTH POINTS).}Well,That’s nice to know.Can we go now?{Flurry:Sure thing!}END DAY 2. SAVING GAME…]

Day 3

[Ugh,how long will this game last?{Flurry: It’s only Day 3,and it will last until you defeat Finite.}That’s gonna take SO long! {Flurry:It’s not THAT horrible.And anyway,there’s a skeleton!Not a bad enemy to practice combat moves on, eh?}Yeah,it is… {Flurry:Well then,GET TO IT!} (A SKELETON HAS SPOTTED YOU! FIGHT!)What am I supposed to do?!{Flurry:Use your machete!It’s listed in your moves!}How?!{Flurry:You’re holding the Controller!I believe you know how to use it!}Oh yeah…(PLAYER EQUIPPED MACHETE!PLAYER USED MACHETE!THE SKELETON LOST 20/30 HP!)Ok,that’s pretty good!{Flurry:Watch out for it’s Whack!} (SKELTON USED WHACK!)Oh,CRUD!(PLAYER DODGED!)Oh,you wanna go, Skeleton? (PLAYER USED MACHETE!SKELETON DIED!+40 XP,+5 LOOT) {Flurry:That went well.}You're telling me. That.Was.AWESOME!{Flurry:Yeah,combat can be quite exhilarating.}Let’s keep going! {Flurry:Oh yeah,you also got LOOT,which allows you to buy upgrades and ITEMS, XP (EXPERIENCE),which helps you level up, and also you should go pick up those bones. Those bones will help later.}Alright.I wonder how they are so white,like my teeth…(PLAYER PICKED UP BONES)What are these used for anyway? {Flurry:Bones and other monster drops can be fused with weapons, crafted into weapons and armor or traded with people for XP and better stuff.Don’t understand why they want that junk,but some monster drops are highly valuable and are incredibly useful.}I see…Let’s keep moving.END DAY 3.SAVING GAME…]

Day 4

[{Flurry:By the way,you never told me your name,Player.}Oh…Well,I never had much of a name.{Flurry:Oh?}Well,I do have one,but I guess I have…Some kind of Player Amnesia. {Flurry: So,basically,you’re telling me that you can’t even remember your own name?}Yeah.{Flurry:*SIGH* Well,I guess we should keep moving…}Yup.I have a feeling this is gonna be a great adventure.

[{Finite:NINA!!!}{Nina:Yes,my lord?}{Finite:Find that Player.DESTROY HIM!} {Nina:Yes,My lordship.}]

{Flurry:Hey,Player.}Yeah?{Flurry:Do you… Have a nickname?}Nope.Not at all{Flurry:Oh.Sorry to bother you then.}C’mon!I can see some sort of building up ahead!{Flurry:I believe that is a shop.You can use that bone and loot to get something!Oh,and smash some of those boxes over there.}Why?{Flurry:’Cuz they can hold loot,junk,or tradable material.}That’s pretty good,I guess. (PLAYER SMASHED A BOX!+90 LOOT!) {Flurry: Good job,Player!You really hit the motherlode!}Yes,yes I did.Now let’s go shopping!(PLAYER ENTERS SHOP)Wow,that’s a crap load of stuff.{???:Hello,and welcome to my store!Would you like to purchase something?}Right now,I’m just browsing.I soon will though,once I find something that I want to get.{???: Alright.Have fun!}{Flurry:You should start by looking at the simple weapons.}You mean the weapons over there?{Flurry:Yeah.The simple weapons have stuff like bows, swords,wands and shields.}Actually,I’ll probably take a look at the Advanced ITEMS.I like the look of that armor over there.It looks TUFF! {???:It is special ELDRITCH armor.ELDRITCH armor,tools and weapons are incredibly powerful & potent.}Cool!I’ll take the entire set! {???:Armor,tools and weapons?}Yeah! {???: Well,seeing as you don’t have enough loot, I’ll let you have it if you promise me one thing.}What?{???:You let me come along. I’ve never gone farther than the front door,and I would love some ADVENTURE!}Sure thing!{???:Here’s the armor!}(PLAYER RECEIVED THE ELDRITCH SET!)I should put it on.(PLAYER EQUIPPED ELDRITCH SET!)Woah, this sword looks awesome!{???:Yup.Straight outta the Eldritch woods.}What are we waiting for?Let’s take on this Finite!END DAY 4.SAVING GAME…]

Final Day

[Whew,this mountain is getting to me!I don’t know how much longer I can walk! { Flurry:I know.Getting to Finite’s base is no picnic.}Hey,I can see a person up ahead!{???:Must be another adventurer.}Wait.Why is that person completely black?{Flurry:You GOTTA be kidding me.We.Are.Screwed}Why?{???:I can see what you mean,Flurry.That there Player,is Nina.She is the second-in- command for Finite,and her heart is as dark as charcoal.She is the highest class for a DARK magician.The only way to get to Finite’s Lair is to fight her.}Well then,let’s do it!{Flurry:You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.Her magic is so dark it can rip of all of your ELDRITCH things.And that’s saying something since ELDRITCH ITEMS have a special bond with their users that keeps them on the user!}Oh.Well,that is pretty serious.{???:Uh,guys?She noticed us.}Oh man.(NINA THE DARK MAGICIAN HAS NOTICED PLAYER,FLURRY AND ???FIGHT!)Shoot. Well,this isn’t good.{Nina:*GIGGLE* Well, then you shouldn’t have come up here! You’ll never make it out alive!}(NINA USED SINISTER BLAST!){Flurry:GET OUT OF THE WAY,PLAYER!!!}(PLAYER WAS HIT!PLAYER LOST O HP!){Nina:But…HOW?!}{Flurry:No clue} {???:Me neither.}GET REKT M8!!!(PLAYER USED HYPERSONIC INFINITY LASER!NINA WAS HIT!NINA LOST 10000000000000000/100 HP!) {Nina:Wha-HOW?)I dunno.It just showed up in my move bar and I just pressed it!(NINA HAS BEEN DESTROYED!+1 FINITE’S LAIR KEY,+ 20000000000000 XP,+200000000000 LOOT!) Man,that’s a mean-looking key.{???:Wow,that’s enough loot to last a lifetime.}{Flurry:Hey,Player!You’re Level 2000000 now!Check your gift box!}Gift box? Oh,you mean this weird box I can’t seem to get rid of?{Flurry:Yes!}Awesome!I’m gonna open it!(PLAYER GOT A MYTHICAL ITEM!) Ooh! What is it!(PLAYER GOT A MYTHICALIAN SWORD!)HOLY MOTHER OF #$%^!{Flurry and ???:Yup.You’re the One.}There’s also another thing in the gift box!This thing is EPIC!(PLAYER GOT A MYTHICAL PET!)¿Que WHA?{???:Yeah,Pets help you in combat.They do things like Healing, Fighting and more!}I assume a Phoenix does all this?{???:Yep.Wait…A PHOENIX?!} Yup!I’m gonna name it…Faust!Let’s go beat the heck out of Finite!BOSS BATTLE LOADING…PLEASE STAND BY…]

“Ahh!W-where am I?”

“You’re in your house,kiddo.”

“Who's that?”

“Flurry,that mysterious shopkeeper and Faust,of course!”

“You followed me out of the video game?”

“Yeah.We did it after you beat Finite!Nice house you got here!”

“You guys have GOT to be kidding me…It was real?!”

“Yep.You’re lucky it was just a demo.A real nice one.”




Created by Mark R

Story by Mark R

Edited by Mark R

Protagonist:Corry AKA gAmErbOy🎧

Thanks For Playing!🕶

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© Mark Riles, 2018. All rights reserved.

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Hey guys! This is first fanfic, so please be positive. Thank you!


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