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The Bad Boy Meets The Street Fighter

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The Bad Boy Meets The Street Fighter

Chapter 1

by 105967970621532523507 Tasneem Ainee 2 mins.

Worst Mondays

Ellie's POV

'Beep beep beep beep'

'Aghr! I so much hate my alarm',I mumbled,trying to get up from the bed.

It's Monday.The worst day of the week.

Uwillingly,I dragged my legs into the bathroom and looked myself in the mirror/

I gasped in shock the moment I saw my hideious reflection.

My untamed,dark hairs sticking out in every possible way,huge dark circles under my deep sea blue eyes and a huge bruise on my shoulder.

I just want to scream right now.This is the reason I avoid fights on Sundays.

'I should just forget about it now and focus on the day ahead',I reminded myself.

I turned the shower on and stood under it.I just enjoy this moment between me and the warm,soothing shower.My back hurt a little due to last night.I must admit that guy was strong.

Ellie stop thinking about it.Focus on the school.You can't let anyone find out about you.

After a 30 minutes of relaxing shower I stepped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around my body.I glanced at the clock and realized I was running late.I quickly walked into my ensuit and pulled out a white top with laced sleeves and a ripped jeans with white sneekers.I also pulled out a black leather jacket.

After slipping into my clothes I looked into the mirror.That jerk it me pretty hard on lips.But thanks to whoever invented concealer.I just applied it quickly and went to grab my bag.

I quickly put all the necessary items into my bag.I usually prepare these stuff at night but last night I was just too worn out that I slept the moment I hit the pillows.

I pushed back yesterday's thoughts and bounced down the stairs.I went to the kitchen and grabbed an apple before picking my car keys and running out of the door.I walked to my garage and hopped into my black BMW R8.

My school wasn't too far from my home.

Holy Gummy Bears!Where are my manners.I haven;t even introduced myself to you guys.

My name is Ellie Hamilton.The nerd of Westview High.I have As in all my subjects and ignored by almost all the students.But hey,that's what I want.If you are thinking I am a lonely soul then no I'm not.I have two amazing people who I can call friends.Talking about my family is always a touche topic for me.They died in a plane crash one year ago.That's when I started street fighting.Not because I needed money,only because I wanted to forget all the wounds given by people I loved.My friends know about me being a street fighter and every thing about my past.

I was almost to the school.I saw an empty parking area but before I could park there another car which was a red sports one,invaded my territory.

I knew who it was.

A male figure jumped out of the driver's seat.Or should I say a really muscular one.

In front of me was standing the God of Westview High School.

I am not exaggerating it.It's true.

The Reece Wilson.

Worshiped by all the girls(EXCLUDING ME) and hated by most of the boys.

He glanced my way and winked at me.

Ugh!I hate him so much.


Shut up brain.

I drove away to find another parking spot.It took me 10 minutes to find another.

I really was getting late as the corridor was getting empty.I quickly sprinted towards my locker.I shoved in all the books which wasn't necessary for the first period and locked it.As soon as I turned around,I was collided with a wall.

Wait?There wasn't any wall when I walked here.

I opened my eyes and realized it was a chest I was collided with.I looked up and the most beautiful blue pool of genes.But when I realized who those belong to,I quickly stepped back.

Yay life! I love you so much. (MARK THE DRIPPING SARCASM)






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Hola cariño ! Hope you enjoyed.It is my first story and I haven't done any proof reading so please bare with the mistakes.Love ya all xoxo


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