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The Boy in the black Hoodie Chp 1-4

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The Boy in the black Hoodie Chp 1-4

Chp 1

Kylie's POV

"Guys!" I yell. They all stopped talking and looked at me. "Shut up" I say. They ignored me and continue talking. I roll my eyes in annoyance and grabbed my phone.

4 snaps from Nicki. I sigh and open one of them.

When are you leaving, I miss you! :(

(Picture of Nicki pretending to cry:(

Kylie!!!! I know your there.


I laugh and began to type.

Sorry im at my friend's house.

I turn off my phone and get up.

"Im gonna go guys, see you tonight". I say

They all look at me and nod.

I felt a buzz on my butt telling me that Nicki texted me.

I grabbed my phone and walked outside

Jeezes don't do that!

I roll my eyes and reply

Chill lol, and I'll probably be there next week.

I shut my phone off and began to walk home. I used to live 2 blocks from my friends, but since my mom got a new job, she wanted to move. So now I live 30 minutes away.

On my way home I thought I stop by my favorite bakery.

"Hey Bryson" I say walking towards his desk. He looks up and smiles, showing his dimples.

"Was sup" he says. "Just saying bye" I say. His smile fades and he gets up.

"You're leaving already" Bryson says. "Next week. " I say. "That's In 2 days Kylie" He says back. I ignore him and look at the cake he made behind him. "Oh come here" he says pushing me towards him. He pecks my lips and goes back to his desk.

I sigh and continue walking home.

Chp 2

I reach down my pocket, and grabbed my keys. After unlocking my door, I walked in closing the door behind me. "Im home" I yell. No answer.

I sigh and throw my back on the couch. I walked over to the kitchen and noticed a white paper on the refrigerator.

Honey, I and your dad had to go out of town for a bit. We will be back soon. Make sure you do all your homework, and no boys over!

I grab my bag and rush upstairs.

I felt 5 buzzes on my butt, probably telling me that Nicki has been texting me all day.

"Shit" I mumble.

I pull out my phone from my pocket and open my snapchat.

5 Snaps from Nicki

Awe that's too long.

Kylie, you there

Seriously Kylie?!

Oh my god


"This girl" I say.

Nicki! Im still here!

After 2 minutes she replied.

You really need to stop doing that.

I laughed and locked my phone

I grab my suitcase from under my bed, and began to pack.

After packing everything I had, I zipped my suitcase and put it back under my bed.

I grab my phone again unlocking it, and began to text my mom.

Good night mom I'll see you I guess on Monday right?

After a few minutes she replied.

Yea I'll be back by Monday, so I can say bye too you

I smiled and locked my phone.

I changed into my pj's and went to bed


I open my eyes slowly and turn my head to the clock.

It was 12:30 Am. Was I asleep that long? I thought.

I sighed and removed my Light blue blanket to the side.

After making my bed and doing my morning routine, I walked downstairs and began to make breakfast.

I pulled out my black skillet from the cabinet, and grabbed the eggs. I cracked the open and let it cook on the pan.

I wiped my hands on my pants and made my way to the couch.

I grabbed my phone and began to text Nicki.

OMG Nicki im so excited to see you tomorrow!

I turned my phone off and made my way back to the kitchen.

I grabbed my spachela from the drawer and flipped the eggs to the other side.

After making the eggs, I put them on a plate and ate.

After I finished eating I checked my phone.

Nicki has been texting me.

Yes! OMG! Can't wait to see you

I smiled and replied.

Yea me too, but ill ttyl, Imma see Bryson.

I shut my phone off and stuffed it in my back pocket.

I fixed my hair a bit, and walked out.

"Hey Bryson" I say walking towards him. He smiles and gives me a hug. "Don't leave me" he wines.

I laugh and Move his hair out if his face. "Don't be cheating on me while you're gone" Bryson says. "Trust me, no one's better looking than you" I say.

He smiles and pecks my lips.

"Alright I gottta go to work babe." he says. I nod, give him on more hug and walk out.

Chp 3

When I got home, I began to get my stuff ready for tomorrow. I grabbed all my blankets for the plane. My pillows and my big teady bear. "Now im ready" I say

It was surprisingly. 9:00. it feels like it's still morning time. I sighed, changed into my pj's and went to bed.

5:00 Am.

TIME TO GET UP HOE! My alarm roars. I laugh lightly and shut it off. I jumped out of bed. Took a quick shower, and began to do my makeup. I applied a lot of black mascara making my eye lashes long and pretty. I put a bit of foundation, then put chap stick on. I straightened my hair and put it in a high pony tail.

"What to where what to where" I say. I opened my closet and noticed I had one outfit hanging up.

I slipped on my acid washed jeans and my grey tank top. I grab my phone and took a selfie.

(Sent pic to Nicki)

Of course she wouldn't reply, it was 5 in the morning.

I slip my black vans on, and grabbed my jacket. "Time to go" I say.

I pick up my bag, and walk out the door.

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