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The Clean Slate

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The Clean Slate

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Imagine you were nothing. A white plain, a dark eternity, but despite your perceptions, it i still nothingness

But at the same time, you were everything.

You were the beginning and the end, you were the unwritten story..

Yet here you are, the introduction, the climax, the falling action, the conclusion.

You had been through it once, and now your back, to test your luck again.

Will you be a man, destined for greatness? a child burdened with anxiety? a poor girl sold as a slave? a brat borne with a silver spoon in his mouth? or perhaps a frog, a goose, or an ant.

Who knows? You do not hold the dice, you do not have a say.

You do not have a choice.

The dice rolls, and so everything begins anew

You are the end of the cycle and the rebirth,

You will be sent out to Life, and no matter what road you take, you are important. You are here to bring purpose to the countless degrees of matter swirling in the universe. To give thought to what cannot think, to do what cannot be done.

You are given life, simply, to live.

And when that is understood, all else will follow.

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Just a weird thought which came to me. Feedback is greatly appreciated


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